Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spreading the Charity Virus

SLEEPLESS NIGHTS have weakened me. Althought I got home early yesterday, I was having trouble with my sleep. Yes. I have insomia right but it shows up to my body once in a blue moon only.

It was already 5:00 am and I was half awake. I made a peek from the curtain through my window. The sky was still dark as I saw it. I told myself I had to get going but I tolerated by tired body. I went back to sleep.

An hour after, I woke up. It was already 6:00 am. I was in great amazement! I told myself that I should really get going. I had to be at Starbucks Ayala at 7:00 am to meet my iLearners Family. To beat the time remaining time considering that I was still in Talisay, I hurriedly fixed myself. I was in a jiffy in looking for a taxi ride but there were no taxi vehicles passing the SRP. I had no choice but to commute.

The awful thing about the commuting stuff was that I was not knowledgeable of the jeepneys I need to ride that time. *Tsk3 Bad situation* After a long struggle in talking to some of the passersby and vendors by the streets, I finally got a ride to Ayala that outrageously took more than half an hour from Basilica del Santo NiƱo (BSN). Wwaaa!
When I arrived at Starbucks Ayala, I saw some of my iLearners Family members having their breakfast in the place. It was then that I realized that I forgot to wear my watch XD I hooked up with the tabloids clutched on some of the tables in the coffee shop. I saw new faces that were coming with us. Terrific!

My iLearners Family!

Welcome to the family guys!

Shakii and Kuya Greggy they're endorsing a toothpaste :))

Several minutes later after waiting for some of the members who told the group leaders that they'll come, we wasted no time and spread out. We all went to Carcar in separate vehicles. Kuya Greg, Te Cat and I were in Ryan's car while the others were in Andrew's. Some of the Convergys workers who attended rode a paid service van.

Fun was in the air during the travel time from Starbucks Ayala to Liburon Carcar City. Ryan, Kuya Greg, Te Cat and I chattered about so may things including information about ourselves, the iLearners Foundation, work, traveling, music and a whole lot more. After a one to two hour ride including a wrong turn XD (we almost got lost-lol) we arrived in the destination. We were still the first ones who got in the place of the three vehicles \m/. Te Cat and I directly began the lightning of the kindles for the Champorado cooking. Everyone then helped in putting the woods and unused papers to the burning kindles to create a large fire with the big help of the matches of course :P

Unloading the materials to be used in the activity

The media was there. Someone documented our acts -helping out Bantay Banta 163. Our president got interviewed and some video shots were focused to me and my friends. lol. (Check out ANC the next time you watch tv :P)

Hey Ryan! You're reading the newspaper upside down.

Nice picture! Lhurve it!

Humaygawd! Ano bang niluluto nila? -wala namang laman ang malaking kaldero XD


Ryan and Me!

Meet the Shades of Heart Band \m/

Uber serious si President Andrew oo!

Kuya Greg FTK (For the Kids!)

Te Cat looks like a witch

The whole gang

Cooking mommies!

Convergys on the go! Nasa likod ang mga old iLearners :))

Uber init doon!

White cups were utilized to contain the Champorado paired with rolled chocolate-flavored biscuits. Everyone gave a lending hand in serving the food. The distribution of the deliciously cooked Champorado followed.

Want some?

Bantay Bata members and iLearners helping each other

Yummy Champorado in cups paired with rolled chocolate biscuits

What came in next was the part were kids loved us the most. *Bwahaha!* It was the games juncture. Yippeee! Celebrate! *laugh* But before we proceeded to that part, we took our lunch together.
Rawr /rawweeer!/ bwahahha!

Sa aso nanaman nya ito ipapakain XD lol

Te Cat: Oy! May cam! compress!- compress! -Hhhhmm!!

I ♥ my iLearners Family!

Done with our lunch meal, we directly focused with the fun games. The little little program was hosted by non other than Kuya Greg and Te Cat! Yippeee! The first game was 'Bring Me'. The game had one of the funniest part of the day because of the shocking material Te Cat first told the kids.

She made the kids look for false teeth which was (lol) obviously exaggerated. Bwahhaha! Almost everyone burst out laughing that time. Also, she made the kids bring to her an underwear having a hole. Bwhahaha! Really funny! I could still remember. 'Hep Hep Hurray!' and 'Paper Dance' were one of the games played too aside from 'Bring Me'. 

Kuya Greg looks like he's in a singing contest while Te Cat is talking to someone who's not listening to her :))

Girl in white dress: Te Cat- you're stepping my foot. Please stand up T_T

iLearners Dancers :))

Mommies participating the game Hep- Hep- Hurray!
The whole event ended with loads of family picture taking. Hurray! -says the cam whores. *ehem*. Bwahhaha! We all brought home awesome experiences! It was one fulfulling day indeed!
Convergys workers with Ryan and the youngest iLearner on Earth. lol


iLearners Family members on stage :)

Long Live iLearners Foundation!

We all then went back inside the vehicles we used in transporting to Liburon Carcar to ride ourselves back to the meeting place- Starbucks Ayala. It took us not less that two hours in tripping ourselves because of heavy traffic. We didn't knew that cause at all -not event now :))

The extreme fun took place inside Ryan's car while it passed on the streets of Minglanilla. There was this military truck with handsome men (according to Te Cat, not me :P) bwahaha! Ryan and Kuya Greg kept on teasing both Te Cat and I about something really secret. LOL. It was a very hilarious happening in going home. Uber hilarious! I can't express it into words!

We all spread out when we all gathered back in Ayala. I went home to my Lola Ason's house and rested there for a while. Hours later, I received a text message coming from Jen. She said I have to be at Starbucks SM for a little talk over a coffee because she misses me *aaawwwwwwee* but I was too tired so I told her about the things I did the whole day and I didn't came. We were suppose to watch a concert at Waterfront Hotel at 8:00 at night that time but I was really tired. I went home in Talisay before 7:00 pm.

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