Sunday, January 17, 2010

Music and the Sky

FROM A SHORT SLEEP in my Lola's house a while ago that began 1:00 dawn until around 7:00 in the morning, I went off to Talisay to fix myself. I bought a newspaper on the way*Yippeee* (I really love having a copy of the day's newspaper but I rarely have one in a month)

After two hours of preparing myself for the day's event, I commuted to SM City Cebu. I wasn't in a hurry so I took the jeepney. Shockingly, on my second ride on the way to the mall, at the oldest street in the Philippines- Colon, CITOMs (City Traffic Operations and Management- the guys who center themselves at the streets and roads of Cebu to control the flow of the transportation) prohibited all the vehicles to pass the road. *Woot?!!* All passengers of all the vehicles were strictly required to walk their selves to the next and next road to have their ride back. I am no exemption to such rule of course so I did. Majority of the people who were having the 'WALKathon' with me were murmuring *lol* I actually enjoyed it for the fact that the people were forced to walk. We all had no choice but to 'exercise' and give Mother Nature a break from inhaling carbon dioxide. *Yay!*

Moving on, I finally got my second ride from the streets near UV Main down to SM. *Yay!* I enjoyed the walking very much although I was panting inside the jeepney *laugh* I arrived at SM at a time almost 2:00 in the afternoon and directly headed to my school, Informatics. Surprisingly, a good friend of mine- let's keep his identity confidential under the name Ralph Victor Varon- gave me a Complimentary VIP Pass of Passionata, a live performance of The Asian Troubadours, Cebu Chamber Singers and Mandaue Children's Choirto be held at SM Cinema 1.

I was very glad because of the pass! *LOL* I thanked him and asked what time will the live show begin and he told me the word 'now' *laugh* I thanked him again and I hurriedly made my way from the lower ground floor of SM to the top -heading to Cinema 1.

I was 2-5 minutes late from the beginning of the program but still I saw the introduction performance of the artists and took a picture of them.

These children have amazing voices!

A closer look of the talented kids

The Cebu Chamber Singers (CCS) bringing the house down

A song from The Lion King Musical entitled 'Circle of Life' is performed by the CCS

Uttering words of gratitude three songs before the end of the show

Asian Troubadour Members!

All the performers!

They sang in the last part the three most famous songs in the world (I forgot the title XD)

After watching the show, I headed to the Northwing to meet the Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) members. I am no member of the group but I've been participating same events the group does. Many people ask me how come I'm still not a member of the group.. well- the reason is, I'm 17 years of age and one of the requirements for one to be a member of the group is in line with age :P One should be 18 or above to be able to join the group. That's it. *laugh*

I first met Sinjin followed by the other 30 registered members out of 80 to watch the Pyrofest Fireworks Display. I was the only non-member of the group who came along with them. Bwhahaha! After having a head count of the members who were present which was above 80 percent, we made our way outside the Northwing and settle ourselves at the VIP section/area.

Waiting for the others to arrive

Before the show began at the front of SM Northwing, the CBS members and I were given free dinner courtesy of Jonie's Flavored Chicken. *Yummy!* I took so many pictures as if I was a professional photographer XD *LOL*

Big thanks to SM Jonie's Flavored Chicken :)

A while later, the Pyrofest began which was pretty funny and uber enjoying! I took videos and a lot of pictures!

The Pyrofest went well. It ended around 9:00 pm. Some of the CBS members went home after the event while Sinjin, Atty. Ethelbert, Xerxes and I went inside SM to settle the guy's businesses about their shirt printing and stuff. They met Kuya Jade and two of their other friends. Here are some pictures after the event..

While the guys had their short conversation with Kuya Jhade, I took my camera and made a few shots of the interesting stuff just around Coffee Dream where we meet Kuya Jhade.

Kuya Jhade and two of his friends conversing with Xerxes (the star of the nigh)

After the gang finished their talk with Kuya Jhade and two other persons, Sinjin, Atty. Ethelbert, Xerxes and Pao decided to have a second round of dinner at Asia Town I.T Park so we commuted ourselves in going to the place. After a little chit-chat with the guys, they all went home while I had to go to Loft to meet my friends Sam, Jen and Shan to jam with them. Sad to say, I felt very tired so I told them that I can't come. I then went home to Lola's house and made my second round of dinner. I slept around 12:00 midnight.

For more pictures of the Pyrofest happenings, click here

You can check out the videos I took in my youtube channel! View Now Na!

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