Saturday, January 9, 2010


MY PHONE vibrated for long that made me half awake. I didn't mind in moving my arm to grab it so for me not spoil my sleep. Hours later, I was wide awake and before I jumped out of bed, I viewed my cellphone's screen to see who's the culprit in interrupting me in the middle of my good sleep (joking manner). It was a call followed by six messages - the call was from Sinjin and one of the six messages was from him too. In the message from Sinjin said that it was his time to wake me up (a joke sign of revenge) *LOL* Oh well, it was a perfect joke to welcome my day with a smile *laugh* Goodie good morning world!

After taking my breakfast and fixing myself, I prepared my things and then went off to Talisay to finish the things I can for the whole day. When I arrived in the place, I rested and then prepared my school stuff for the upcoming classes this coming Monday (January 11, 2010) from the very long and vacation that started in the early days of December 2009. Yup! Very long indeed!

It was already late in the afternoon where I finished all the preparations. I cannot wait to see the faces of my friends again! After taking my dinner, I watched Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) and Boys Over Flowers  (BOF). I enjoyed it a lot. Yesterday's episode in PBB was really hilarious! I'm not much of a watcher when it comes to PBB and BOF. For PBB, they say that the said reality show seems to be scripted which is the reason I didn't gave a shot in viewing it. For BOF, I have finally accepted that it is a good version of Hana Yuri Dango but Meteor Garden, as for me still is the best human version.

By 12:00 midnight, I felt the itch of taking pictures and so I did. I took the camera and acted as if I'm a professional photographer with an expensive DSLR Camera. My mother went to Basilica del Santo NiƱo Church (BSN) last morning and brought some Hopia from La Fortuna which I made use as the model to take pictures. Check the crazy pictures I took below:

My mother woke up around 1:00 dawn and her mind was in great wonder on why I was opening one of the packed Hopias she bought where in fact, I don't like Hopias. She saw me taking pictures of the Hopia and I told her that it's a talent being performed at night *LOL* No, I'm just kidding actually. My mother got a bit mad when she saw me taking pictures of her beloved Hopias because she knows very well that don't eat Hopias and I am opening them. *laugh* My mother went back to her bed after reminding me to turn off the lights by the time I'll go to sleep.

Soya Milk is one of my favorite milk. From the name itself-Soya, the milk is made out of pure Soya Beans. It's really delicious. My youngest sister Monic, my eldest sister Christine and I use to finish about three to four bottles of Soya Milk a week. We don't buy the small sized bottles. We frequently buy the 1 liter bottle. I am the one who drinks a lot.

After cleaning the little mess I made on the dinning table, it was the time I remembered that it's my turn to wash the dishes XD I did the chore after resting my hands and arms from the whole picture taking activity.

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