Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing BAD is also GOOD!

A TEXT MESSAGE woke me up.  I forgot to set my cellphone in silent mode. The time was 9:00 in the morning and I'm burning daylight. My body is again acting like a big magnet stocked to a large refrigerator (the bed). It's so hard to part the two things most especially if the two are of almost the same size. Without any second thoughts, I took my loud cellphone and read the message that horrifically ended my wonderful sleep.

I though is was a text message coming from my Aunt whom I have planned to go with in Cebu City Sports Complex (CCSC) to watch the Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan. I was wrong. It was my young sister Michelle. She said that I had to be ready in two hours to ride my way to my Aunt Rose's house to pick her up with his close friend Farley and go with them to play Badminton at South Point Badminton Alley located in Basak.

I had nothing to do but fight away the weariness of my body from lack of sleep. I stood up and fixed myself and prepared my stuff for a few rounds of Badminton Sport. I arrived at C. Padilla pass 10am and felt a little angry. I was really surprised that my sister was still using her computer- obviously very not ready for the activity she invited me to get involve in. I went inside the house and told her right away to get up and fix herself. I calmed myself down by sitting in the living room and waited for her to get up and change.

In Michelle's text, she said that we will be going at South Point by 12:00 noon to end our games before 2:00pm. I agreed with it and what seemed to happen was another plan abruptly and carelessly altered! I really hate things being canceled/postponed without any acceptable reason. I really hate the character of being impulsive! It's already getting into my nerves! I waited for so long. It was a waste of time just sitting while conversing about worthless things. Ugh! Shit! I really hated what happened yesterday and I still can't get over it because I could have done something useful for the about three hours than just merely waiting and chit-chatting about non sense things.

In around 1:00 in the afternoon, Michelle finally finished fixing herself but it was no hint that we were ready to go because we have to wait for Farley who arrived in the house pass 2:00. Goodness gracious! My plan of watching the Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan with my Aunt Carol at  CCSC is greatly affected! Greatly that it is of no doubt, canceled! I AM REALLY MAD!!!

Michelle, Farley and I commuted ourselves to Basak. The ride was really nerve-wrecking because of the heavy traffic that even more added the time wasted in my day just for waiting.

When we got there, Michelle and Farley did a few warm ups while I was sitting on the bench calming myself down for the disappointing actions of the two. I think they don't have any idea of what I feel for them yesterday. I hope they will soon understand fully the value of time.

My disappointment to them kinda faded during the game. It was no fun-filled game actually. It was more on the two's (Michelle and Farley) conversation with each other.

After the tiring sets of badminton game we played, we went to Mc Donalds Food Chain not quite far from South Point Badminton Alley. Aunt Rose sent me a text message that said I should drop home Michelle in C Padilla because they still have something to attend. Farley did the ordering of food and Michelle and I helped in finishing it *LOL* Big thanks to Farley! Thanks Bro!

The three of us rode one jeepney wherein Farley was going to Basilica de Santo Niño (BSN) to serve the mass scheduled on 6:00 pm while Michelle and I -going home to C Padilla. After I brought Michelle in C Padilla safely, I hurriedly rode a jeepney to Tupas where my cousin Marvin and his buddies were waiting for me and the others to attend the mass in BSN.

The gang and I arrived in the church around seven to ten minutes before the mass we planned to attend began. Unexpectedly, we saw Farley clasping a clay pot with black burning charcoal in it which was really hot. He saw me and went near to me then jokingly passed the clay pot to me. My companions laughed. Farley and his co-sacristan then went on walking to settle themselves at the very back of the crowd for the main entrance part of the mass.

The mass was very solemn. It almost rained but the good lord didn't allowed his people to get sick and wet so he moved the heavy dark clouds away and allowed everyone to go home safe first before it poured.

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