Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shockingly Simple

TODAY is like a dose of simplicity. I honestly don't like it to be something that will take place everyday. I know for sure this is not gonna last forever so I worry not. January 2, 2010. Wow! It's something nice to say. Saying the full date of today makes me feel relieved! It is because of the past happenings and I don't want to reminisce it all anymore so I guess, let's not talk about it.

Moving on, I woke up at 8:00 in the morning. Very unusual. I frequently wake up in the morning at 6:00 from a sleep that began five hours back in time. I welcomed the morning with a glad conversation with God that followed a read of the second chapter of "The Cebu We Know" Book. I hooked up with the use of the computer and finally finished the banner of my cebu-oriented website. The most comprehensive cebu website in Cebu City! I can really tell. *laugh* I'm not bragging though it's kinda against your thoughts but I'll prove you wrong in the early days of February by opening it to the public.

Everything was shockingly simple. After I prepared myself for the day, I stocked to my pen and parchments until the late afternoon on writing a review about the things that showed in the Island Hopping that my family went last 28th of December 2009. It was really long. Really long!
After a long term of bending my neck due to powerful concentration on the draft-making of the Island Hopping thingy, I stumbled on the dining table, finished my food and then directly walked to the livingroom heading straight to the computer to encode my draft. Whew! Until now, I haven't finished encoding the draft. I need more time.

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