Monday, January 4, 2010

Granny's Birthday

TERRIFIC day! I can finally expose myself out of the domicile because the foul smoke that surrounded and lingered our house for so many hours has cleared up! *sigh* Goodness gracious! I could treat my friends for a a round of bowling in a mall because of happiness! Yes! That happy! I've been yearning to get out of the house from day one of 2010 to meet my relatives and friends. I blame the smoke and all. *tongue* My parents and Monic get to go out though, well, they're not that concerned of there faces because they utilize the cab. I could make a hitch though, honestly, I want to spend quality time with our dear house for the first two days of the new year.

It is so in the perfect timing that today is the birthday of Granny Bebing. I want to call her Lola but she insists that everyone in the family should call her Granny. Lola Bebing is actually my Lola Ason's sister (mother of my father) who is so specific in grammar and diction in English speaking. Everyone in the family who gets to talk to her should use the English language as she wants it.And I'm the only one who follows her rule *LOL* really! She's no strict person. She just enjoy speaking in English.

Lola Bebing, I mean, Granny is turning 83 today. That line popped out of my mind at 9:00 in the morning- the time I woke up. I prepared myself for the whole party to be held in her residence at Consolacion. Yea. Quite too far and I like that fact. *smile* Settled for the entire family gathering, I commuted myself to Tupas, the place where you can find the house of my Uncle Noel and Lola Ason. A place where you too can find most of my childhood friends. It was the family's meeting place. It was around 4:00 that I got in the place and since the whole crew were not yet present, I hooked myself with the computer and did a little blogging. Tik Tok! It was already 5:00 pm and the whole group is complete.
We rode Uncle Lord's cab to Consolacion. Together with me were Auntie Nelfa - Uncle Lord's wife, their kids- Lordette, Maybelle and Kathleen also Marvin (better known as Matins in our place)- my favorite cousin, Earvin- my second favorite cousin who is the brother of Marvin, Lola Ason of course and myself. We were quite excited to see once again our great grandparents and cousins.

In the cab was very fun, disco music were being played. We sang along and made a few body movements showing the interest to dance like nodding of head, stomping of feet, beat boxing, humming and a whole lot more. It was like a minute of ride. That fun!
The cab stopped. We have arrived. Greetings, compliments and questions like "How are you?" and "You've grown so much!" filled the atmosphere that made me hungry and tired. With no further adieu, Marvin, Earvin and I along with the kids lined up *lol* (we were encouraged to line up) in the side way that leads us to the tables decorated by Tamayo's Catering Services.

After the whole eating (my favorite part) Granny Bebing brought me to the living room and began asking me queries. I was like a question and answer portion in a beauty pageant. *ROLF* I was chuckling in the inside of talking to her in English because I knew she'll praise my way of talking again. (Ei! Ain't bragging her kei? Just telling) *smile*

I did nothing for the rest of the party but talk to her. One of my feet was as if chained to hers that I cannot walk away from her or even stand. Whew! Really I got exhausted in chit chatting with her but I admit I had fun. I got exhausted because Granny's voice is so low that I have to draw my ear near to her mouth by bending my body. Having that position made me think my body was in peril! It was in agony perhaps! I can even regard myself lifting numerous sacks of rice walking back and forth from a truck to a warehouse for three consecutive hours. Yes! That exhausted!

Aunt Nelfa gave me a hunch that we are about to go home in Tupas that (finally!) empowered myself to bid goodbye to Granny. My companions had a great time singing (karaoke), eating (over and over again), participating in the games and more. I enjoyed but not quite the same as my companions did. Oh well! At least I made Granny's day! After another round of singing in the cab by 9:00 pm, the whole gang took a nap while I settled myself outside the place- in a Burger Stall.

I was a bit energized when Ivan, one of our good neighbors told me that his youngest brother Francis, 1 year old and 3 months will arrived from a Leyte with her mother after visiting their relatives residing in the place last December 31, 2010. *Yipppeeee!* I can't wait to see the cutest baby I've seen so far in my entire life!

It is now around 12:00 midnight and I am with my childhood friends lingering in the old burger station that was present when we were all still kids until now. We talked a lot to kill the time. We all await to Francis' arrival in the coming 2:00 dawn. I'm pretty excited! A few moments later, Uncle Lord's family went out of the house- they are about to go home in Carcar where they reside. We exchanged goodbyes and then they went on. It was the time that I felt sitting down in a couch so I walked myself into the house a did sat down. The smooth couch in red color was pretty tempting so I lied my back.

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