Saturday, January 2, 2010

Photo-filled New Year Post

LAST NIGHT was a time of change.  Change. Yes . I made a big alternation that night. It was December 31 2009 and I slept by the time the clock struck 10:00 pm. January 1, 2010 I woke up around 10:00 am. My mother gave me a smile that I never saw from her visage long before I my aunt introduced to us her fiance in the near days of November. She conversed to me as I pulled myself out of my bed that she was happy that I slept so early. 10:00 pm is honestly a very early time for me to sleep. She was happy that I rested not enough, but for long.

Outside is best described in three concrete words: smokey, foul and dirty. The streets and roads have been filled with burnt out wood and paper. I cannot stand the smell of the place caused by the firecrackers and fireworks left outs. But it doesn't make me puke -I guess and that's fine however, I'm worried of my lungs. The smoke is covering the way from the very gate of our domicile discouraging me to getting a glimpse of the look of our neighboring houses.

Koko Krunch made my day. I saw a large box of it on top of our dinning table. I was beautiful, I say. *chuckle* Koko was cute but I looked cuter while eating the contents of his box paired with Alphine evaporated milk all bought by my loving mother yesterday as I have requested to her.

Silence filled the air. I had the sure idea that everybody is asleep. Everyone in  the house was except for Monic, the yougest sibling of the family who left Cute Koko on top of the table widely open, ready to be eaten by me *yum!* and of course myself who just woke up- full of energy from a continuous 12 hour sleep. Beat that *tongue*

I came to a thought of having my firsts of the year 2010. I listened to music. I want to hear a song for the first time in the year 2010 to be something that I like for a long time. And then it was fulfilled under the song title of "Borrowed Time" by Cueshe. Then I read a book that I personally bought in the late days of November 2010 with the title "The Cebu We Know" by Erma M. Cuizon. Something I'm crazy about followed *laugh* I took the family camera and made a few shots of myself.

I ended up using the computer. I plurked. I blogged. I uploaded the pictures I just took after cropping it. I checked my online accounts and then rested my eyes on the couch. I was like a taste of bliss. I was a very cold morning. Oh yes! Finally! I have remembered! Yesterday, it was pouring. 2009 passed away happily. I realized that negative happenings dominated the days of 2009 than that of the affirmative happenings. As I view it, blessings showered the universe yesterday because it was raining.

It may seem that my first day of 2010 is not so fulfilling- if you understand it deeply but it was something unusual to me. Everyday of my teenage life, I've been working like a dog. True. So focused. Terribly tired. The first episode of 2010 in my life is like having a taste of heaven. No seriousness involved. Peace was there. Silence was really present.  Serenity lingered in my mind.

Today is a very rare day to find. I feel so blessed.
Happy New Year everyone!

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