Friday, January 15, 2010

Movie Time

8:00 am - I woke up. It was time for me to fix myself for I'll be jamming with my friends Sam and Jennyle again. After having sa second round of my sleep for not less than an hour, I fixed myself and headed off to SM where I met Sam and Jen at Informatics. We bought a few goodies at SM Department store and then went at Foodcourt to look for Sinjin who was busy taking pictures of the Sinulog 2010 Festival Queen Candidates, to make a little greeting. We then went to Movie Time and watch Sherlock Holmes.

After the movie marathon around 5:00pm, Sam went home ahead for time to fix himself and pack his things right for a trip to Davao. He will be staying there for five days which means he won't be in Cebu during Sinulog. He won't be with the gang. Jen and I settled ourselves the Northwing after parting ways with him. We went to Starbucks to meet Sinjin to be with him the remaining time until the pre-pageant night of the Sinulog 2010 Festival Queen ends.

Although we waited and reserved a seat for Sinjin to be with us during the program, he wasn't able to utilize it because he was busy doing his thing- photography. He was one of the several photographers who trooped at the right side of the runway platform. Jen and I were so blessed to have the special seats very near to the runway platform. I took a look of the people and oh! what do you know? Attorney Ethelbert was there! *Wippeee!*kept on plurking out pictures and lines by the use of Jen's loppy the time the show hasn't started.

We really had fun that time! Jen and I got fond with the unique designs of the gowns worn by the girls vying for the title Sinulog 2010 Festival Queen. The sizes of the gowns were pretty interesting too*lol*

After the entire show, we bade goodbye to Sinjin and to Attorney Ethelbert. We made our way to Happy Herbs to purchase some of Jen's vitamins and then rode the jeepney home.

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