Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Break from Three Dull Days

AFTER PREPARING myself to school, I went to SM Majestic and took lunch with Jennyle and Sam. After that, I went to school to attend my classes from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Jennyle and I sat beside each other

Sam is ready to dig in!

There were only few costumers in the place

Our orders! Sam's..

Mine! Looks like it's not enough for a person like me but we added more orders *lol* Don't underestimate my eating powers! *Bwahhah!* LOL

Jen's food. She's in a diet- as usual. *chuckle*

I don't understand this bread at all! The taste is different! *lol*

We three had the same drinks- Iced Tea aside from water *smile*

Fortunately, my last class of the day ended quite early so I rode myself to Cabanas in Mango. Sam and Jen with Anthony and his girl friend Aizeel waited for me in Sing Along Karaoke Place.

We had so many pictures taken but to not flood the entire page of this blog site with only one post, simply check out my multiply and or facebook profiles. After jamming with them, we headed off to Asia Town I.T. Park to have dinner meal.

Menu board! Uber high!

Cool light lamp design!

The cashier dictating our orders to the chef

The whole crew

Aizeel and Anthony! Weee!

Our orders! I forgot the names and I lost the receipt XD

Special drink aside from St. James Water and softdrinks :)

We all then had window shopping in a bazaar held in the same place. After a little roaming around at the park at almost 11:00 in the evening, we all went home. I arrived around 11:00 o'clock sharp and took a round two of my dinner *laugh* I watched Boys Over Flowers television show and then slept.

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