Friday, January 1, 2010

Move Over 2009, Come 2010!

If I were given a chance to have 12 hours of blogging for this day, it would come out to be, probably, a perfect journal of my 2009 life, sad to say, I don' have one. Flooded in my planner are loads of walks and gatherings that I should attend. So just for an hour or less that I can utilize, here are little thoughts that I can share today.


T'IS THE season for sharing and gift giving is something I await for every year. Yes, it is partly because I'll be receiving gifts but I humbly admit that I give more than what I receive :p and I think that's a good thing to know. Everybody who's a child *ehem* or allow me to say those who are child-at-heart, create their very own wishlist. Wishlist- a list of  things one wish to come true may it be a material or something that cannot be seen but felt or happened.

Well, in my list, what dominated are the material wishes. Guys and gals please don't picture me out as a materialistic person- that's something so different from my true personality. Okay, with no furthure adieu, here are my wishes better to be called as gifts hopped to be seen under our Christmas Tree before or on December 25 of this year.

New Hair Style - I'm thinking of adding highlights or probably alter the color of my entire hair. My pals keep on telling me not to pursue such plan. They cleared up my wondering and said natural color is the best and I already look good with black hair.

Plushie - I've come to a thought that plushes are really cute, cuddly and best to talked with when you're friends are not around (LOL) and then realized I don't have one :)) Killua Zoldick and Sasori Sama are one of my favorite male anime characters. I'll be saving money for me to purchase 'em! Yeah!

Headphone - Sound Trips of mine will of course be not-so good if I'll be using earphones. I'm dying to have one headphone. One costs 1,500 to 2000 pesos and that's quite big considering I have other things to buy. Hmf!

More friends - I'll be looking forward for so many pals by the end of the year and or perhaps on the month of January. Want to apply? *laugh*


I'm a person who doesn't make any resolution when my teachers tell me to do so just to have something to write on my parchment at the first days of classes after the month long Christmas vacation the school offered way back when I was in high school.

Without any force or order neither a suggestion from anyone, I'll be altering some things about myself. I think that's pretty cool. Resolutions are fun to be conversed with people you love and know so much. In situations like that, jokes and hilarious statements rise and burst of laughters come on the way. It is because sometimes, or okay, most of the times, resolutions sound awkward and or ironic to the type of person who makes such resolution.

For instance, a very fat lady makes a resolution to go on a diet. That's really funny in reality if you hear someone with very big size saying something you can't imagine he or she can do but of course, you trust that person that she/ he can successfully reach such goal/ resolution because you are a true friend of him/her.

Enough of my resolution notions, here are a few of my New Years Resolution. By the way, these are something my friends will not laugh at me because it's something I already did for in the year 2009 but wasn't able to maintain due to time constraints and others.

Exercise everyday - I'm a sporty person and almost everyone who knows me is aware of that fact. I'll be making a promise today that if ever I can find a time to exercise, I'm really gonna utilize that time for exercise. Related with this first resolution of mine, I'm gonna make warm-ups before I play my sports (something I never do but never ended with cramps/muscle pains :P)

Join a charitable institution - Sure, I've become a part of San Nicholas' charitable works but it's already big. I want to be a part of an organization that is new and is rest assured to be a good  and trusted foundation. Take note! Taking a different road of any course if awesome and adventures are unpredictable ^_^ Fun is always there but both sides don't offer the same experience one can find.

Hhhmm.. okay, what more,.. I already have a list of my resolutions but without description. I guess I lost it, uuhh.. kei.. think... think... think... oh yeah! Before I forget, I want to..

Be more organized - LOL. it sounds funny reading the line when done reading the one above *laugh* I really want things to be organized but unplanned walks are awesome. I frequently get into it, actually. I know how to deal with those sort or stuff but I just cannot make a way on how to organize myself having no laptop. Hmf! How I wish I have my own laptop. (Add that to my wishlist :P ) Kei, most of my work most especially in school are related with computers. I really need one to get organized.

I honestly don't have any idea on how to deal with this kind of resolution. Well, GOD SPEED to me. Lastly,

Indulge myself to extra curricular activities - As I always do but I want more events to attend. You know what they say, "The More, the Merrier" but of course, the more tiring it will be for my part. I think I'll only know how to resolve this confusing resolution of mine by the time it'll take place. Ahahah!

At this point, my wishes and resolutions are adequate to spice up my Christmas days so I guess this marks the end of my resolutions list. Moving on, let's make a little review of 21st Century's first decade.


2000 - a new millenium. People, off for a good start to last for the whole year and hopefully, for the entire decade. It's now 2009. Time flies so fast. The decade is nearly over and we have yet a lot of things to recall. Here are only a few of the things I can remember and encode down that happened in the years from 2000 to 2009.

-Mr. George Bush hailed as America's new president.

-First Ipod came (my baby)
-First Harry Potter Movie showed in the big screen (My favorite)
-September 11 Tragedy (My father was in the US that time and good thing the place where he stayed was quite far from the twin towers)

-America's First American Idol had it's first winner (Say Hello Stardom for Kelly Clarkson)

-The US invades Iraq and Saddam Hussein captured (Hurray! Bleeehh to rotten Saddam)

-One of the greatest tragedy in the world took place;
Tsunamis, Earthquakes nearly 200,000 killed. (Let's pray for them once again)

-World losses a Pontif, Pop John Paul IV (A great loss for everyone)

-Sadam husain is executed.
-New Pope inaugurated (Pope Benedict VI)

-Apple introduces Iphone (Don' own one T_T )

-Obama is hailed as new president of US (Black Americans feel overwhelmed)

-The Kind of pop passed away (A very terrible loss)

As 2010 opens a new round of rise and falls, let us not forget to thank God who is the paramount giver of all. He makes everything a breeze. Whatever happens to us, he makes it happen for the betterment of our future.

How about you? What are your wishes and resolutions?


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