Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Close Friends Day

CLOSE FRIENDS DAY. One concrete and meaningful phrase that perfectly describes my day yesterday. After preparing myself for schooling, I headed off to Informatics. Before I attended my first class of the day, I had my lunch with Sinjin and Karen at Dimsum around 12:00 noon. The Steam Rice already made my day but the other happenings that you'll be reading later on made it more than a day to remember.

To not waste the time, we paid our fees and went back to Informatics. Sinjin went to a certain store at the second floor of SM which led only Karen and I left behind. Karen had a class to attend by 2:00pm which meant I'll be alone sitting on one of the waiting chairs. While having my ::: Sound Trip ::: (term I use that mean listening to music by any means) Laarni saw me who had nothing to do as well. Since I don't have any classes to attend yet, I invited Laarni to go with me at Starbucks were she and I frequently stay to kill the time. A little while later, Sinjin arrived in school and went along with us.

The three of us- Laarni, Sinjin and I went to Starbucks at the Northwing of SM. We chattered about so many things but most dominantly about Laarni's funny decision. What is it? She announced to us that she'll be taking up the course of Medtech. *Whooott?* Laarni is serious! She told Sinjin and I that she is going to take up the course that will help her become a doctor. She asked me a favor to accompany her out the next day on visit to Cebu Doctors' University (CDU) to inquire some information and ask for some prospectus of her course options.

After a long conversation with my two close buddies in school, we roamed around the Northwing were different Cebuano/Cebuana creations were on display. We took a few pictures by the use of Laarni's phone. Sad to say, were didn't had cameras in our bags that day.

We then headed to Breadtalk were Sinjin and Laarni fetched a few goodies. The California Floss was delicious! *LOL* Big thanks to Laarni for the treat. *chuckle* After munching the food bought from Bread Talk at the Northwing, we went to Healthy Options Shop were Laarni purchased some of her skin vitamins then to Magic Fit Shop were Sinjin finally had his large Sinulog shirt altered into smaller size. I'm super happy for them!!!

It was around 6:45 pm wherein Sinjin parted ways from Laarni and Me. He went home while Laarni and I continued the happy times *laugh* After conversing with each other while walking around the halls of SM, Laarni decided to go home and so she did. I on the other hand went to the department store and made a little shopping. *LOL* (I prefer shopping alone than having companions) :P After I treating myself with new stuff, I went home to Talisay. I arrived there around 8:00 pm, fixed myself, took dinner meal, watched some television programs and then slept.

What makes this day quite wonderful in my own perception is that- my friends really had fun while they spent their time with me and in my part as well- I too had fun! Love them uber much! *laugh*

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