Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bonding Time

TODAY is a very memorable day for me. After being online for more than an hour last morning and after preparing myself for the happenings of the day, I headed off to SM to meet two of my five very close friends-Sam and Jen.

It has been quite a while that we three have seen the members of our circle of friends together because of trips, no-school days, long term family vacations and others. Although we were not complete in seeing each other, we really had fun with the time. Shahannah wasn't present because she had a very important appointment to attend while Jaja on the other hand was quite busy with her family ties.

Jen, Sam and I went to Starbucks at the Northwing of SM and talked a lot. With us was Sinjin who graced the much awaited meeting of ours *LOL* I was very happy that time! Super happy, I say! We four chattered about so many things; from the physical alterations we had down to the latest possesions we gained from so many things -mostly from the Yultide Season.

Introducing Jen's New Sony SW Vaio! As she wished- pink in color *lol*

I was the one who took charge in ordering the drinks. Look at the names labeled on the containers! XD All me in different versions! Bwahhaha!

Sinjin was still ordering his beverage in this moment. I've turned darker than before. Blame Sinulog. LOL

We three enjoying our orders.

Jen altered her hair color from black to red.

After around two to three hours of exchanging notions and alterations, we went out of Starbucks Coffee Shop and thought of the next place to go. Sinjin parted ways from us. He was busy looking for a room in a certain hotel to book preferably near OsmeƱa Boulevard for the upcoming Sinulog Mardigras.

Jennyle (Jen) shared with us her new laptop (as shown above pictures). She thought of purchasing a laptop keyboard cleaner so we three went to Ace Hardware to look for one. We were not successful in finding a handy vacuum cleaner Jen was looking for so we went to Octagon and continued the look but still we were not able to find one. Sam went ahead with us because he had to meet his mother who just arrived straight from Manila.

Jen accompanied me to Island Souvenirs Clothing Line Shop. I was able to buy a black colored shirt perfect for Sunday's event. It was colorful but then again, ladies' fit is something I cannot bare. I could have bought a shirt that of a size for men if only the store had more stocks *lol* (I prefer long shirts enough to cover a pant's zipper than short ones with its shirt end parallel to the pant's waist part) *eeeeee*

I was able to go home safe and sound in an early time around 10:00 pm in Talisay. I hooked myself with the computer where Sinjin was online too. He asked for help in calling different hotels in Cebu having a vacant room enough for one person or more on the dates 16 and 17. I took us around 10 minutes to chat and text in helping out to book a room on the very dates he desired. Sinjin had so many hotel landline service numbers. I contacted them all. I felt very drained that time for Sinjin. I have contact more than 20 hotels uttering the same greeting and asking same question. Guess what? The very last hotel on Sinjin's list was the hotel we've been looking for the whole night! *lol*

After Sinjin have reserved the room. He sent out via text message to me his gratitude. I was honestly thankful that time for two main reasons: 1) Sinjin will no longer have deep concerns on where to sleep for the grandest day in Cebu and 2) I can finally lie my back on bed. I was very tired and sleepy that time. Thank God! Problems solved!

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