Monday, January 11, 2010

Dance at CCSC

DANCE TO THE BEAT! Yesterday was a very special day for me because it was the day where the Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan took place. It was the day that was expected for me and my Aunt Carol to jam with each other by watching the the said dance contest in Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC) but unfortunately she cannot walk well because of the pain her left foot was bearing.

I had nothing to do but accept the fact that she can't come and watch the event but it didn't meant that I couldn't so after a little talking with her and some of my aunts in C Padilla, I went to my Lola Ason's house and looked for my cousin Earvin. I invited him to come with me and watch the awesome event and of course- Earvin who is quite outgoing accepted my invitation. *YES!*

It was around 1:00 in the afternoon and we were done fixing ourselves. We then commuted to CCSC and made our way inside the grandstand against the sea of anticipated people. Here are a few flicks I took while the contest was ongoing:

The event was an explosion of colors!

The children gracefully danced at their best to win the grand prize.

Reach to the sky! High above their heads!

A 'Reyna Juana' waves her right hand in her group's exit signifying 'farewell' after their presentation.

Drum and buggle corps bang their heavy joysticks to produce the best resounding beat that would make all the audience irresistibly dance

My cousin Earvin and I situated at the very front and center part of the viewing area! LOL

A sea of anticipated audience up and down at the viewing area

Photographers setting up their cameras and their selves for a next batch of photo takings while the stage is clear.

Oh look! It's good friend Sinjin! *laugh*

The way to pass from and to CCSC by walk

Another rear view of the road

whole set of pictures here

My cousin Earvin and I went home around 5:00 pm. We didn't waited for the announcement of winners because we were chasing the time for the next scheduled mass in BSN. I insisted to go back to our grandma's place and so we did. We took a bit of snack but it was only Earvin who went to BSN to attend mass because in that very moment yesterday, it was the time were I just realized that my school classes will resume in the next nine hours!

I had nothing to worry about. Everything when it comes to school was already prepared by me of course and is all set up. What I worried about was my look in school *laugh* I was concerned if I look frail or sleepless and the like. I bought a tabloid sold at the streets and then headed off to Talisay. I arrived there around 7:00 pm. I took my dinner, fixed self, watched a television show and finally rested myself for tomorrow's happenings.

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