Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday View Day

FREAKING OUT with the time, I fixed myself in a jiffy. "I should have stood up on the first moment of the day that I opened my eyes! " I told myself this morning. I  was in a moment of fighting Mr. Conscience for favoring my restless body from waking up early for our National Service Training Program (NSTP) Acitivy to be held in Mountain View. I was blaming myself. Haha!

I should be in SM Starbucks by 7:00 am to meet my NSTP classmates. At that point of time, it was already 6:30 in the morning. I was really in a rush in preparing myself up! After a one hour ride to the meeting place, I waited for some of my classmates who too were late :P and our teacher, Sir Donn Riel who was still picking up our food and beverages.

We walked ourselves to the street in front of SM to look for a jeepney ride

And yes, this is indeed candid :))

It was already around pass 8:00 in the morning when we all gathered completely at Starbucks. We took the jeepney in transporting ourselves to JY Square. McBilly, a good friend of mine was across the mall while we were all waiting for the service van of Mountain View to come. Some of my friends saw him and they told me so. We finally got a ride after a long wait. We were all astound by the great views along the way to the highest viewing area.
Settling ourselves

I didn't know this picture :))

We took our lunch together after the arranging ourselves and our bags on the tables. We then went to so many areas in the place. We enjoyed the awesome breeze of the wind brushing the leaves of the trees. The views were exemplary! It was like we were staring at a map that was real- very big and the people and cars were moving. The sun was shining so bright but it didn't ruin our day.
Wweeee! Time to eat!

Uber hot!

We later then hooked ourselves with the hanging bridge. It was a very unique and scary hanging bridge. With the color blue, it was made out of thick ropes. Terrifying as it sounds and looks like, the challenge of passing one way through it was something really a great experience.

Gibbi did the dare of passing the bridge back and forth. He was awesome! He showed  to us while he was on his way to the middle part of the bridge that it was something everyone should not be afraid of. He made crazy and scary movements like jumping up and down (while his hands clasp the sides of the bridge), shaking the ropes and posing for some pictures *lol*

We checked the tightness and sturdiness of the ropes before Gibbi did the dare.

I of course did the dare! \m/

I was the first one in line among the girls.

In the long run, we conqured our fears and got used to it!

The above picture shows the bridge is not that very dangerous and scary but seeing it actual, you'll really be astonished of what it is made of and how dangerous it is to pass such kind of bridge. There were so many pictures taken but we haven't uploaded most of it because of some problems with the camera.

After a few hours of staying in the place. We walked down heading to the Karaoke House to charge the batteries of some of our gadgets. Some of my friends sang a few songs. There was another hanging bridge in the place. We all didn't hesitated to pass through it lots of times.
We're immune now. LOL

The bridge. Yup. It's actually easy as it looks :)

We rested for a while in a cottage. Some took pictures and the others enjoyed the wonderful views by walking around the area. My friends told me McBilly was in the place I took a glimpse at the Karaoke House and he was really there. I approached him while he was singing. Bwahhaha! I teased him for a while about his voice and then walked back to my seat. Moments later, Ace, her sister and I caught ourselves with the camera.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to ride on him!" XD

"No Granny! I'm Geli! She's Ace!" Tsk3

"I see a good furtune ahead. How about you two?"

Humaygawd! We're lost in time!

And the pure model strikes a pose :))

We turned the tree's frown up side down! Oh Goodie!

We feasted our junk foods and chattered about so many things. A little while later, Sir Donn Riel called our Mountain View service van to pick us up. We all then fixed and prepared ourselves in going home.

McBilly and I talked for a while before my classmates and I rode the van. He and his buddies were their for a certain celebration. I then bid goodbye to him and joined my fellow Icians in posing while the cameras stroked flashes at us.

The whole gang

Inside the van

It was around 3:00 pm when we all got back to JY Square. We all then exchanged goodbyes and made a ride to home. I directly went home to Talisay for a rest. I was a fun-filled day.

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