Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Election is fast approaching. With it comes teams of country leader hopefuls sprawling out in the open with endless promises, faultfindings and bombardment of honorable acts. Don't get this too serious folks. Let's talk about election in a fun way. One way is attending a concert related to politics. Watch Jon Santos' election-oriented concert on Feb. 10,  2010, Wednesday at 8:30 pm at the Teatrino Promenade. Witness one of the country's best impersonator live tickling your minds about the truth.

Dubbed as  Kuring, Gluring, Syerap, Dyuning "Eleksyon in Nearing", Jon Santos' introduces five personas in one the concert. Yes! You heard it right! One concert, five casts- one artist.

This 'all-star-cast of one' comedy concert tells a story about a news journalist named Kuring. She will marry a running official. Here comes Mommy Dyuning. She's a star-in-the-making. She gets in the spotlight after having his son won millions of dollars. And there follows Syerap who does what he wants to. He's not good in English speaking and his son is a government leader too. Clap your hands in the air for Gluring is in the house. She rules the country and with no doubt- majority dislike her. Another personality comes in the way and I'll leave it uncited folks.

Caught up with the storyline? Above is just a part of it. See it live with your family and friends. The concert is good for all ages.
Ticket Price:

PhP 1,236.00 FREE SEATING (first come. first served)
PhP 1,030.00 FREE SEATING (first come. first served)

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