Thursday, February 18, 2010

Greenwich Cebu Levels Up!

I WAS THE first media blogger to arrive in the venue. Andoy and Kuya Rab who were my companions for the entire morning in the event were on their way. After registering ourselves in the entrance of the event area, we took pictures at the photowall.

Each of us were given media kits that served as our guides in the event. Minutes after all the invited media people including some writers from Sun Star, Cebu Daily News, the Freeman and us, the Cebu Bloggers Society settled ourselves in Greenwich SM , the program began.

Two hosts opened the program with humor. It was one good treat for us guests in starting the day right. After a short introduction the waiters distributed a sample of their new food product which is the new Greenwich Pizza Fries.

It's fries with a unique taste having a special sauce dip. The Pizza Fries is available in two delicious flavors namely Pepperoni and Garlic & Cheese. It is a very tasty snack!

What followed next was the welcome address that was delivered by one of the head of the Greenwich Pizza Chain Company. She elaborated the success that Greenwich has achieved in the year 2009 because of their "Greenwich Cheesy Campaign". She as well stressed out that everyone should be looking forward for a better Greenwich Pizza Chain for this year with their new catchphrase "Hanep! Nag level up sa Sarap!".

A video tape record (VTR) viewing prepared by the management followed. It showed how better Greenwich is compared to other pizza chain in the country. It was a very informative and well made video. What spiced up the event was the raffle draw. There were around 20 to 25 attendees of the event and only five lucky people took home awesome raffle prizes including a Php 1000.00 worth of gift certificate in Nike sports shop, a United Colors of Benetton bag and an eight gigabyte Ipod shuffle.

The Bacon Chicken Carbonara Supreme filled the tables of the press after the first round of raffle draw. It was the second dish served for us press. It was a tasty snack having tender bacon and small chicken slices smothered in white sauce with Mozarella and Parmesan cheeses that was topped with mushroom and parsely flakes. Olala! Mouth watering? It's as delicious as it sounds!

The second round of raffle draw was done. Most of the winners were newspaper writers. Another video viewing was shown to us by the managment. I could say, it was one very good documentation- a film every pizza lover or perhaps, every foodie guy/gal should see. The film showed the latest things of Greenwich from food to furnishing to to counter to wardrobe.

As expounded in the documented film, the new Greenwich Pizza Chain has improved everything. The order and counter station is now made small for the convenience of the costumers. The tables and seats are colored flesh, red and green- matching the logo of the company and the modern type of atmosphere for sheer comfort and style. All the uniforms are altered too! All are designed by renowned fashion designer Randy Ortiz.

Greenwich's Quarter-slab of pork ribs marinated in a special sauce made our stomach full. It was something every big eater would want to eat. =D Like Kuya Rab. LOL. All those dishes were paired with the delightful beverage Four Seasons. Yummy! Uber great food only in Greenwich!
The scrumptious food treats made our morning. We thought the Slab Pork Ribs were the last dishes to be served but we were wrong. The thick & tender pork chops with java rice and mixed veggies even more made our Monday Morning right! Perhaps, all those treats made our entire day fulfilling!

After a short talk from one of the heads of Greenwich Pizza Chain SM City Cebu Branch, another round of raffle draw was made. After which, a shirt-relay game was conducted and Kuya Rabsin and Upin were one of the six random picked press guests to participate! Wohoooo! And guess what? They leveled up! They won in the game! What's the prize? A barkada blowout package good for ten lucky people! \m/

In the last part of the event, the last round of raffle draw was made giving out the United Colors of Benetton Bag and the eight gigabyte memory Ipod shuffle. Gimme a wild guess who won the bag? LOL. Me! It was a very funny thing during the announcement of the winner of the bag because the host first cited that the winner is a girl and it came from the Cebu Bloggers Society. I happened to be the only girl in the group. We really laughed. 

 We brought home a goodie bag with a unique planner notebook inside before the event ended. It was a very informative and enjoying event with my friends. Straight from our hearts, Kuya Rabsin, Upin and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Miss Charo Baller for inviting us in the awesome event.Thank you so much! God Speed to you and Greenwich!

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