Thursday, February 25, 2010

Frizberry Yogurt: Cebu's Newest Yogurt Store

SM City Cebu continues to offer delightful treats to its costumers -may it be from wardrobe to food to convenience and down to health. For the month of March, the mall opens up a new store for people of all ages- an enticing and healthy food stall one should frequently visit!
Introducing Frizberry Yogurt! Your one-stop-food shop for quick, tasty and healthy food.

Are you drained with school work? Feeling weak after a hard day's job? Stressed out with your performance rehearsals? Or sickened by overload of event participations? If your answer to any of these queries is yes, then you better eat nothing less but yogurt!

Experts say that eating yogurt everyday is very healthy for the body. For those looking for food to supplement their protein, calcium and dairy, yogurt is a healthy choice!

Frizberry Yogurt is a brand new frozen treat concept for the people who love to eat delicious food with great health benefits. It will open this coming March 8, 2010, Monday in SM City Cebu situated across Salon de Rose, third floor of the West Wing. Be there and start eating good food for a good health!

Drop by at Frizberry anytime! It's the best place to hang out with your family and friends this season!

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