Monday, August 10, 2009

LEE DA HAE style


IN NO doubt, the KAPAMILYAS (ABS-CBN program viewers) have known LEE DA HAE for a long time. From the very beginning, the woman who played the role of Jasmine in 'MY GIRL'. has become my idol when talking about fashion and beauty in line with Korean women. In comparison to one of the Kapamilya stars, she is like Tony Gonzaga + KC Concepcion + Christine Reyes. She's a joker, good talker and really good-looking. What I like with her the most are the clothes she wear and the way she projects herself during pictorials.

I know the image above is really quite big but I don't care if it makes the entire blogspot look like kinda unorganized. I don't want to crop any images of Lee Da Hae XD I also want to let others see the original size and look of the picture. Eehehe

A picture of a thousand unexplainable emotions. You see, Lee's a joker especially behind the scenes of any film she have into. This photo makes me laugh.

She's so cute, I want her to be my sister. Ahahha! I think any attire fits her because she is so verstile in projecting herself.

Her dress is so simple but her beauty isn't That's one factor that makes the picture simple yet elegant. Her beauty + simplicity.

A touch of royalty with Lee's suitable poise. I so love this picture!

A gangster lady becomes beautiful if she dresses at her best.

Her behaviour and projection of self is indeed spectacular. I don't know if she always performs at her best but I think she is just so good in pictorials and poise projection

She looks so trendy in a childish way! Sooo love it!

In my own perception, Lee wants to see her photo viewers that she's an Angel without mood because she has fallen in the slums with wings in dark shades of brown and walls of grey and black. Oh the irony! I love it! Bravo to the photographers of this picture!

Just so well. Goodness! I want to have a sister like her!! >.< Hahaha!

That's what I call: Projection Perfect!

Trapped in a wooden room, yet happy

Valentines Photo

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