Friday, August 7, 2009


93.9 I FM -PWEDE!

If you were to be with me a day in a week, you would probably see some same actions being done. I hate monotony but if you specify the actions I make, you barely see not a single similarity with the other motion. One of the actions would be listening to the Radio. I'm an avid fan of 93.9 I FM Pwede. WHY? It's simply because they aren't simple. Nyahaha! Their DJs are extraordinary, they have different styles, their songs are in random order, they always grant your song request and greetings, they don't focus on one type of music and a lot more. I say, YOU should actually listen to yourself. They have the gags. They have the jokes. They have the listener's attention (I'm one) ahhaha! I just like the radio station.

Just now, I updated my twitter status stating these exact words: "Cookie eating + studying + I FM mode :))" Nyahhaha! There are actually more than 50 reasons that I can cite why I love I FM Radio Station specifically here in Cebu. Everbody are just so enjoyed by the vibes it brings to their listeners! WHAT CAN I SAY? Basta I FM, Siguradong ENJOY ka!

Frustrated DJ

Before, I FM got this audition thing in search for new breed of DJs when I was in high school but since I was too young, I wasn't able to join. Hmf. Ahaha!


Yes I am. Ahaha! I want everyone to hear the wonderful songs the station plays and the different activities and gags they air most especially the greetings :P I rarely call to greet- you know same with the song request. You actually have to have your fingers move really quick to be the first caller of all requesters. By just reading the previous line you've read, there are really lots of people who listen to I FM Pwede. In SM City Cebu, there are stores/ tenants who listen/ set their radios to I FM station and even at the streets, villages, and -ehem my place including my home :))

How I wish I could post here a youtube vid or a music player that plays some of the hip tunes and gags of I FM but sad to say, I can't because the videos and some music players hindered such tones and sounds to be played. I don't have any idea why but probably it's in line with the uploader's license in uploading the sounds and effects. The station doesn't have their own site and any social-networking account but hopefully they'll create one soon.

Eehehe- and start sending out your greetings and requests ^_^

OH Yeah, I don't know what's the problem, but
doesn't air of 93.9 I FM Pwede Station anymore :(

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