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Title-less. Is there such a word? I don't think so, but for what it means- 'something that can't be given a title' that's what I want you readers to understand it. That's one word I can use to perfectly describe my Friday of this week. As usual, so busy but I'm enjoying it. Tired though, it's all cleared up after a some quality time spent with my beloved relatives.

I'm not at home. I've been staying here in Tupas for two days now and I'm quite bored. My main objective in staying here is to break the monotony living up in me for the past few days. I want to cutoff my hobby of staying too long in front of the pc busy doing some online tasks and also to taste some foods I want to eat which are rarely found in Talisay.

FOOD I want to eat found in Tupas:

Manga paired w/ Bagoong
Tuslob Buwa

Rise and Shine!
I slept at a few minutes before 1:00 dawn today but I'm not feeling dizzy. My sleep was badly cutoff by the lousy call of a Taho seller outside this morning. I woke up around 9:00 in the morning because of the call. "Ta---ho!! Tah--ho!" the Taho Seller uttered the words loudly. I was awakened by the oh-so-delicious-'word' I heared. What popped out of my mind was to ignore the call despite the yearning of eating the goodie because I felt so tired that time and my body was still in a moment staying in 'beddie bye dreamland' [lol]. hmf! The second call gave me a hunch that I should get up right away before I miss my chance of buying Taho. What I did? I hurriedly jumped off the bed, pulled by wallet from my violet sling bag , ran as fast as I could down stairs finally and stood quickly before the domicile's door. I didn't wasted a single second. I opened the door and what I saw was a byway full of happy neighbors some who jut woke up and some doing there morning routine. There was the man I've been looking for- the Taho seller, about to make his turn to the right. He's already far from me an after a few seconds, my sight of him was gone.

Gggrrr!! So quick!
Hayst! The man was so quick! I mean, haven't he thought of his costumers; waking up in the morning just to buy his product? He should have considered his speed in treading paces! It's morning! Duh! His burning daylight! He should walked not to fast because he has to consider his costumers who are kids! [ehem, like me? nyahha! :P no ^_^] Gggrr! I'm not mad, I'm just expressing my feeling of why I reprimanded my feeling of buying Taho when I could even buy one or two after a few hours. ahahahha! It doesn't matter right now though, I have eaten lots of 'em! Wweee!

I didn't went back to bed but instead I took a bath, eat my meal and directly went to a store in Colon. My Uncle Noel and I bought some dvd movies and fetched some goodies from the market. I watched four dvd movies continuously for today while laying down on the foam; munching all the goodies with some of my close relatives. EHehhe. After the 6-hour movie-vieiwing, I went to the church to practice and choreograph children for their mass song interpretations. After that, I went back home and played with Francis. He's the baby I've been telling you in my previous blogpost. After about an hour, I helped Earvin with his attire for his acquaintance party which is having a theme in line with fantasy.

Done with my dinner, I hooked up with the computer and began encoding the happenings that took place the past few hours ago. I'll be checking my mail and update my twitter later on after uploading some videos in my youtube channel. That's it for now ^_^ Thanks for skimming!

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