Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Design by Humans, DBS for short, is an online t-shirt design contest and community. Anyone could do anything in there in line with t-shirts such as speaking/posting in forums about shirt- related topics, buying shirts, creating personalized designs and others. The designs are really wonderful! All of 'em vary in sizes and shape; whether you're  male or  female. You would want to buy many of 'em but yea.. of course, we need to consider the price -ahehhee! Moving on, I am encouraging you all to vote for the filipino entries. To see all the entries by Filipino participants, click here

TWILIGHT RAIN is really an awesome, well made design by a Filipino. A picture of it is shown below.
The creator/designer dedicates it to his wife who loves romantic movies and vampires. I want to have one.
I want to have such husband. No. Really, just kidding. I want to have a shirt with such design. Ahhaha! If
I know, his wife -like me, loves the Twilight Saga :))

FRONT and BACK view

Hopefully, you all are gonna be signing up to participate in the votation. I did :)) BE PROUD OF THE CREATIONS AND DESIGNS OF FILIPINO ^__^ To know more about the t-shirt designing community, visit Don't forget to vote FILIPINO entries ^_^

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