Monday, August 24, 2009



Uhuh. I actually mean that. Normla. Thought that I misspelled the word? HEhehhe. Let me begin in the morning of today's happenings. I slept at 4:00 dawn. Back from 9:00 in the evening, the other day; I watched my cousin's [Marvin] dance rehearsal.Then, I hooked up updating my online accounts followed by my dvd mode. HEehhe. It was already 12:00 when my other cousin, Earvin asked me to teach him some photo editing techniques and so I did. The learning time ended 2:00 dawn. Both of us were hungry so we went out and ate. We then went back at home and brought some bread and beverages.

Okay. back to the 4:00 am dawn. Earvin and I were able to sleep in such time because I after our munching session, we chit-chatted about the so many stuff we've been missing from each other. Ahahha. We talked about our new friends, our college life and the like. Everything was followed by our music mode.


Yea xD. If you calculate it all, I rested only for four consecutive hours. The truth is, that time, when Earvin and I were still listening to the radio, I wasn't sleepy but I felt that my body was in peril. My body was horribly tired but my mind was still wide awake and unwanting to sleep. I would be surprised if you're not confused because I sometimes, I don't understand myself at all.Ahahha. It's actually kinda funny but this is perhaps a serious thing to think deeper about. But, oh well, I can somehow deal with it the way I want to. I just hope that when I grow older, I won't be having any illness as outcomes of my no-sleeping-manner of my younger days (these days) Hehhe.

I woke up at 8:00 am.

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