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As I have cited in my previous blog, tonight will be another time of going home late. Well, it's nothing different than the other days, however, with the usual nights, its always only with Sam, Anthony, Jennylle, Shahanah and Jhaja but this night's population of the party venue will grow in number :)) It's Anthony's birthday! Yehey! We're so happy to celebrate his 23 years of existence here on Earth. It's already pass 12:00 midnight and I have just arrived from the party which have not yet ended and it's so ironic because I'm using the future tense of verbs on the first few lines above of this paragraph when in fact the event has just happened. AHahha! We [Shan, Jen & Sam] met up in school for our class which should begin at 4:00 and were so happy to hear the words "We won't be having classes" form Sir Raymunds mouth. Since Anthony's birthday celebration is planned to begin at 7:00, the whole gang killed the remaing time roaming around SM. We talked over many things while walking. We also shopped and ate at Chow King and KFC. The time was exaclty 6:00 when we felt bored so we rode a taxi and went to IT Park which is the said place for Ant's [Anthony] birthday celebration. Our boredom was blown away because of the nice views. We all went to the comfort room since Ant and his other accompanies haven't arrived. For us girls, Shan, Jen and I, we did our part (duh! make-up churva. lol.) while Sam waited for us outside for about... 15-20 minutes.Nyahahha!! (Sorry about that Sam ^__^ Muah!)

the entire crew

After eating the first pizza :))

Left to right: Jen and Shan making a pose by the Koi Pond outside Da Vinci's Pizza IT Park Branch

Left to right: Marcella and Jhaja enjoying the food

see something different? It's Jhaja's new hairdo!

Anthony's sister, Cindy, who is a model already arrived with a male companion. We waited for a few minutes and so as expected, Anthony arrived with her girlfriend and two other friends. We ordered five different pizzas! It was as if we had a Taste Testing whether the pizza tastes good or the other way around.. Ahahha! We as well ordered four beverages specifically softdrinks; 2 large bottles of Coke and 2 large bottles of Sprite. Jhaja with her girlfriend Marcella arrived after an hour and a few minutes.

Here is a short video clip I took while waiting for Jhaja and Marcella to arrive. We're done eating in this time :)) [oh dear! so full]

The celebration at the Da Vinci's Pizza IT Park Branck ended after Marcella and Jhaja finished their food. We then went to Mango- The Secret Bar. It was my first time there and to evaluate their over-all service? Uhh.. 8/10. I say, nothing can beat the quality of LOFT Bar provides. Ahahah! Okay// the gang drunk a few bottles of beer.. uuhm about 13-15 bottles. But take me out of the list. I didn't drink or did I? Ahahha! I honestly drink but just a few number of gulps :)) We danced, talked a lot, made so many jokes, took so many pictures and many more. It was really fun.
Sam and I

inside the comfort room :))

A scenery at the Secret Bar

The clock stroked to 12:00 but it wasn't time to go home on the contrary, I did. Bwahhaha! I hitched riding the car of Cindy's friend (her company when we came back at Da Vinci's after making Sam wait for a long time. lolx) They all insisted that I should not go home so early but I have to because tomorrow is my grandmother's birthday and I have so many work to do and once of which is to update this blog of mine. Ahahhehe! Going back, some of Anthony's friends went home same time with me. Anthony and the remaining accompanies went to Loft. Hayst! But I don't regret going home though ^_^ I'm happy. The next thing that happened is that I went to my room in Tupas, changed my attire and direcly turned the computer on. I checked my online mails and accounts; updated my twitter and did this blog. After this, I'll be buying five burgers XD I always treat my cousins almost everythime I sleep here Tupas. EHhhe. Then we'll all be wathcing dvds. Next up- sleep ^__^ Goodie goodie night fellahs! I hope you enjoyed my story of today.

Remember always that in my blogposts, it'll be always incomplete when it comes to videos and pictures. Link to my online accounts and you'll be able to view 'em all.


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