Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pope Benedict Records His own Album

Pope Benedict XXVI news

OH YES! Don't brush your eyes because it works well. You've read it right! Pope Benedict XXVI will be having an album! Moreover, a youtube channel, a facebook account and a website! Okay. Let's clear up your mind.


Pope Benedict XXVI will be recording litanies, chants, prayers, and reciting passages in five languages to be compiled into one album which will be released on November 30 by Geffen Records. The Pope will be recording his voice at St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican and in other places abroad during his Papal trips. Pope Benedict's album, "Alma Mater", will be mixed at Abbey Road Studios which features the backing vocals of The Choir of the Philharmonic Academy of Rome blended with modern classicist recordings by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


I've actually visited the channel and I won't make you waste time in searching for it. Here's the link: ttp:// It's not unusual about the Pope having a youtube channel, I guess. It's nice to know we could somehow stay connected with the Vatican in any sense. We could add them as a friend, leave a private message, and express our thoughts through comment boxes. Because of this youtube account, many will be updated time by time. Subscribe now :))

How about the WEBSITE?
Curious of how true the rumor is all about, I used multiple search engines about the Pope's website and all I could consider as an acceptable result it this: but in the end, I found the right one! Ahahha! here: :P

Comments are highly appreciated.


  1. Amazing. I thought Geffen Records only produces rock lol.

  2. I honestly don't have any idea if Geffen Records only produce rock songs.

    I made a quick search in an online dictionary and made a little skimming in the page.

    I have read a part that said Geffen Records produced the songs of Lifehouse and Nelly Furtado which I know so much that sing songs that aren't rock ^_^

    Here is a screen view I saved and edited a bit. I encircled the important points :)




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