Wednesday, August 19, 2009


the ADORABLE child

Okay. Let me get this straight. Ahahha! Francis is a 11 month old child who's an offspring of our neighbor in Tupas. And honestly speaking, he is the most handsome, cute, cuddly and adorable child ever that I have seen and held with my very own hands so far!

Francis playing with his toy

Francis drooling :))

Francis after crying
the guy at the back is his brother holding him

Francis Bacus is his name and he's awesome! Here are a few videos of him and it's so happened that he made a sound just so stupidly CUTE! gRR! I wanna bite him. Bwahhah! -but I won't :P

Oh yeah, just a note, my sister and I act and
sound unusual when we deal in other things and
this is one of those 'things'. ahhaha!

Francis eating [held by ME ^__^]

My sister Christine and Francis

Frankly speaking, I go crazy with this kid. He's just so cute. But I admit, I sometimes get bored with him especially when he sleeps XD because it just mean that he won't be moving like he does when he's awake. ahahah! Anyhow, what I like the most with this child is his chubby body and cute visage. Hehehe! He can't talk for now but he, rarely, makes sounds that is so GOD! CUTE! I don't really know how to express it but this child really get's into my 'mom' side :)) Do you get it? Hahaha!

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