Friday, August 14, 2009

Shahana's Place


Well. How do I begin? Uhh.. My day worked out just fine. Busy. as usual. and uumm.. after our Hardware Servicing Class, the gang had no trips/event to attend so we decided to go to Shahanah's place and so we did. Jennyle and Jaja were not able to come for some personal purposes but it was okay with everyone. It was already 7:00 when we arrived at Shan's house. We ate lots of goodies while watching Terminator Salvation. After which, we talked and talked until we realized we haven't taken our dinner. Oh boy! Shan's mom was just on time! Ahhaha! Mommie, [Shan's Mom] just arrived from the Mall and brought home delicious food and GOD! We have to wait because she has to cook everything up! Bwahaha! I'm used to it anyway :)) So Shan, Sam and I continued chatting and watched another dvd film. I won't speak about the title :P A few minutes later Mommie served the dishes and as usual, we all ended up with stomachs aching because of eating a lot. Mommie cooks super-duper good! SO good that you would eat more even though you're already full! Nyahhah! Remain seated on our places, we continued our chit-chat with Mommie about the beauty of Japan and reasons why we should go there.

The clock stroke to 10:00 pm and were done
eating and viewing some dvd films. It reminded Sam
and I that we have to go home.

I was kinda hesitant to go home and so I didn't :P AHahha! I was suppose to sleep at Shan's place but I thought of sleeping at San Nicholas [house in the City]. I got home at 11:00 pm after hitching Sam's tricycle ride. I rode myself home via jeepney after that. As always, my favorite and closest cousin, Marvin a.k.a. Matins was still awake likewise with my sister Ate Christine and my other relatives. I treated them hamburgers.Matins volunteered to pay for the beverage. We watched The Prestige [which is twice already in my part]. It was already dawn we we felt sleepy and that is actually normal for us. AHahha! Parties never stop at our grandma's domicile. It is there were you can find non-stop fun and round the clock entertainment. We cleaned up everything and took our sleep. The day ended up quite dizzy but I took in my Ferous Sulfate [vitamins for Anemic people] and it kinda stopped the centrifugal sight and feeling.

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