Monday, August 17, 2009

Dizzy Day

Not the average day
:::a continuation of my blogpost yesterday:::
so why am I saying it's not an average day?


Nope. I actually don't drink or do I? Ahahah! It's not my average day today because I just came home late and I feel so dizzy unlike the other nights and dawns, I don't feel any illness in me due to less sleeping. ehehhe. SO the story of today is very much related to yesterday because the whole day affected what I did yesterday. I reqally feel so dizzy but not that tired.

I got home 2:00 dawn. When I arrived, my cousins and I went out and ate some Puto og Sikwate. After a few minutes of eating and chit-chatting, we went back home in Tupas and watched a dvd film [may ampay] :P It was already around 3:40 when we finished viewing Kill Bill and so we rested the television and turned the radio on. It's actually not pure-fm-station-listening. It was listening to songs from my Uncle's Ipod Nano. We then all fell asleep.

"Yeyeh! Kaon na."those where the words that awaken me up uttered by my Aunt Mary Ann. I woke up knowing I only had four hours of sleep. It was already 8:00 am. It was kinda funny because last night Marvin, Earvin (Marvin's brother), Ate Christine, Stephen and I fell asleep in the living room, leaving the radio on and in the morning it was only me left sleeping on the couch with a position; about to fall down. Bwahhaha! " I slowly stood straight and feeling super dizzy. I did a few crunches and went down stairs. I took my breakfast and a bath. My grandmother, Lola Ason attended mass with me at San Nicholas Parish Church at 10:00 am. By the time we arrive back at home, a phone call for me was made and it was my sister-Ate Christine. Ate was already in C. Padilla [where my other sister-Michelle lives with our other relatives] "Yeyeh! Ari na sa C. Padilla, ikaw nalang gi huwat" wenks! I almost forgot! It's the birthday of my grandmother Lola Coring! I quickly took my sling bag with a box of chocolates I bought a day ago which will serve as my gift to Lola Coring and went off to C. Padilla after I bade goodbyes to my relatives there in Tupas. I hurridly commuted.

Noon time came when the celebration began and in the right timing, I too just arrived in the moment. nyahaha!! I just popped in the scene during the eating part. lol. Just kidding. The party begain by the time I came in the house. We started with a prayer for everyone, the food, and of course for our dear birthday celebrant who is Lola Coring. Lola made a few secret wishes and then blew away the little flame of the tow candles placed on her chocolate cake. We sang her the birthday song and began the best part of all parties!!! EATING TIME!! AHAHHA!! I really like that part XD. We did a few socializing stuff; eheheh. After a few hours, I left the people there; my parents, sisters, aunts and uncles in my mother's side and rode myself back to Tupas. SO tiring and I'm happy to say when I arrived there, I was able to rest for a while. I watched another dvd film and didn't noticed like last night that I fel asleep. Ahahha! But this time, it's actually not a sleep, it's a nap. I only rested in bed for about 15 minutes and it didn't drove away the centrifugal motion I feel inside my head. Really dizzy. A few moments later when I woke up I made a walk outside the house and visited a few friends in the place talked and ate with them.

It was 7:00 pm -when I rode myself home to Talisay. There is a really big need for me to do so despite the feeling I'm in because I still have classes the next day in the morning. I took my dinner with my family at Talisay at about 8:30 right then and there when I arrived followed by music-listening. EHehhe. and like the other times, I fell asleep :))

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