Friday, August 14, 2009


short LINES

Here are my news for YOU in short lines. Enjoy!

OMG! As in Oh My Gooduls! Sandara Park has returned from Korea here in the Philippines last August 13,2009! Since it is already summer in Korea, Sandara's producers gave her a few months of vacation from work and so she decided to come back to the Philippines where she started her career.

I'll be home too late for tomorrow August 15,2009 for on that day, my close friend Anthony will be celebrating his birthday which was on August 12 with his friends [I'm happy to be one or 'em not because of the treat, but because of his goodness] Naks! Bwahahha! BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANT! LOVE LOTS!

SM City Cebu's 3-day Sale is awesome! I just brought home new shirts, some chocolates and a few goodies for my sister. SM offers 20% to 75% discounts to most of their products! From skirts to jeans, from accessories to food, to free shows and exhibits. The August 14-16 sale will surely bring SM with lots of costumers :))

ALL the NET CONNECTIONS [from PLDT to GLOBE to SMART and all] will be so slow until August 17,2009. There is this connection underwater that plays a big role for interchange of signals and net connections that is broken down. The boat that carries the experts to fix the problem are on their way to the seas. It takes them 3 days to go to the place which explains why the net connections will be back this Monday.

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