Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Edition of SM Eco Bags

SM City Cebu, simultaneously with all the other SM malls in the Philippines launched last August 6, 2010, the second edition of SM Prime's Eco Bag! Tadah! =D

The new set of bag comes in 4 collectible designs that depict the different elements of the earth - Fire (Spark), Water (Flow), Breathe (Air) and Earth (Renew).

SM recognizes the important role of the youth in nation-building and through the new eco bags, the company hopes to imbibed in the four simple philosophies: Renew, Spark, Flow and Breathe - simple works that inspire a life change.

The new designs deliver the environmental message with a more interesting look. It has adopted a more contemporary and a more collectible design that appeals to a younger market, while still maintaining its multifunctional form and, more importantly, promotes love for Mother Earth.

Each of them can be carried by hand or slung over your shoulders like a messenger bag.

Like before, the SM Eco Bag is sold for  a very affordable price of Php35.00. Yep. Saving the environment isn't  costly :)

Whenever a bag is being purchased, a part of the proceeds will go to some of the organizations that help protect our environment- a never-ending advocacy for the future. 

RENEW our earth by reducing our waste. SPARK a revolution for smarter energy. Let's make our water FLOW with life. Let's BREATHE clean, pristine air once again. 

Do your share for Mother Earth! Encourage your friends and family to do so too! Use the SM Eco Bags.

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photo credits: (1) Vernon Go (2) SM FB

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