Thursday, August 5, 2010

DJ Nico Devroe of Belgium

I was rushing things online when I saw a newly posted blog entry by my friend in a social networking site. That blog entry caught my attention because of its title "DJ Training". With full love for music, I didn't mind the time and hit the link to which lead me to the page of his blog entry. I read along.

It said everything about the poster seen above. I startled. Know why? I didn't know DJ Nico Devroe is such a famous Disc Jockey. I have met DJ Nico D. once  at Tiki Bar, Big Foot where my friends and I frequently slack and eat dinner. There was this time wherein my friend bought a brand new DLSR. Since we were out, we went to different places to try out the new camera. We took our dinner at the Tiki Bar where incidentally DJ Nico D. was there. 

I myself am a camwhore and an aspiring photographer. Tiki Bar, that time, observed no event but as always, displayed good lights and good music. I borrowed my friend's DSLR where I took a couple of pictures of the sceneries- the beach, the sky, the lights etc.. 

It was my first time to see a real foreign DJ that made my mind go up and down. I was so into taking pictures of the DJ's gadgets and him doing his thing, and so I did. Of course, I didn't made the night pass through without the DJ and Me having a picure. LOL. And oh, did I mentioned that he gave me his calling card; making me add him up in FB to tag him in the pictures I took in the Bar? Wahhahha! :P

*My friend didn't uploaded all of the pictures I took in his FB album. He choose only 3 of the pictures out of 15 that I took that night.*

That's the reason why I startled. I didn't know DJ Nico D. is a famous Disc Jockey outside Asia! Wahahah! I was really shocked when I read my friend's blog entry about the event that DJ Nico D. will be sharing his thoughts, experiences and most especially the basics of his work for free. I didn't miss edthe chance! Really! :D

Back to the main topic, I was able to attend the DJ Training. The staff in iCenter at Crossroads were there talking to him when I arrived. We all talked and hurrah! DJ Nico D. remembered the incident when I took pictures of him and whatsoever that happened (the story above)

It was truly nice meeting him again. The event went very fun and informative.

Happenings like this are really exciting.

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