Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dilaab Foundation Needs You

These days, charitable institutions emerge in quite a number; hoping to help our struggling nation by sharing what we have to our unfortunate brothers and sisters. It is really good to be a member of such wholesome groups. Not only that it gives a good impression to yourself but also, to our God.

I am a part of iLearners Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that aims to help eliminate rural illiteracy in the country. Aside from gaining new friends and the enjoyment you get, the idea of making people truly happy is one great thing that is good enough to pay the hard work of the group. How about you? Are you a part of any charitable institution? Be part of one! Read along.

Yesterday, bloggers were invited by Dilaab Foundation for a voluntary task. This task is to create stories and / or research and interview true-to-life happenings that are related with Faith, Hope and Love. The Foundation believes that a life can be changed one story at a time which explains why they invited us.
Not just writers, but also believers and helpers at heart are the people Dilaab is looking for. Yes, they are in need of new members. It could be that you'll just contribute stories to them and not register as a member. In the contrary, you can register as a member but will not write for the group (if it's not your forte to write, it's fine). Or you can do both ways; write for the group and register as a member.

Along with me last night at the Saint Jerome Bible Center of San Carlos Compound were Agnes, Mikyu, Lemski, Jaysee, Vernon and Mark. It was a fun-filled night for me. I was able to talk a lot with my fellow bloggers and get to know new friends. Allow me to elaborate some important details of the Foundation.

Dilaab Foundation is a faith-impelled, Church-based volunteer movement advocating heroic Christian citizenship and leadership. It is at the forefront of social transformation. Its mission is to help build a corruption-intolerant nation, a narcopolitics-free Philippines and a community of families bound in faith and love.

Its outreach programs are directed to the police and other government agencies; young people; OFWs and their families. Such programs are made possible through partnerships with bishops, parishes and other faith based groups, business groups and concerned Filipinos located both here and abroad.

Be part of the Dilaab Foundation Family. They're waiting for you! Help bring light to the darkness. Call 416-9073 and visit

"The Hope You Ignite may be your Own."
Dilaab Foundation, Inc.
Seminario Mayor de San Carlos Compound
Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City
6000 Philippines.

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  1. hi! thanks for the published. by the way, i am the admin of the dilaab blog. :)


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