Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Haie GUYS and GALS! Here's a short somewhat, peom or literature I made. I don't know what it's called but I just wrote down what came into my mind a while ago. Comment about anything you want to. I want you all to know that this is the outcome of boredom a few hours ago while waiting inside Uncle Lord's van. My aunt went shopping that time & I was so tired & kinda furious about my schedule alteration which explains why I didn't came in the mall. ENJOY!


When you're drained and so down, you would feel so bad and would frown.
You could probaly compose songs of hate or essays of sorrow but as for me, there's no better way to express it than dancing with the mellow but as for now, let me change my way. Allow me to write a poem that would make you heart sway. Yes. I'm this cruel. I'm this vile but I am good in some while. Don't be afraid I don't care about you so just don't go near to me to avoid danger. Continue reading until you're done. These words of mine have never been uttered [just made my fingers to the talking] so to save time, let this peom begin..

leave the scratches turn into hurtful wounds that could never be mend

Let there be no dance that would accompany our song
Let there be no friendship that would last long
Tear every paper from the songs we wrote
Forget every memory ourselfves indulged.

Burn every brigdge we built
Cry for no departation that would take place
Speak of words that would calm no heart
Thwart the ones you love and live in a bad life

Choose to be wrong and don't think twice
Live as you don't care of other's damn life
Malice is not a sin so why not keep it in?..
Enjoy harming people and fool them right

Teach children words of despair
Leave them living dreadfully and annoy as if you don't care
Keep your life busy ending people's lives
They don't matter anyway so why fright?

Apologies are no cure for harmed and broken hearts
If they do then why would be there jails and bad starts?
Be vile, be evil, be stupid in other's lives
They are just freaking messing up your life.

Don't worry, just be lousy
Hell they care anyway..
All they have to do is ruin your life
Don't allow them.. destroy them first before anything else.

Laugh our loud,
GO crazy
be crappy and go junky..
This life is stinking and it ain't ending

Your stubborn.. admit it moron!
Your fooling yourself of being good.
The truth is your dying and you never stand a chance to one of the superiors
Be unruly because you can never show off what you are good.

Don't smile.
Keep that vile in you.
Don't be scared because nobody loves you.
Be afraid because nobody will own you.

Ending this thing.. I'm thinking now of turning it into a song.
Maybe in a way of rap or so. I don't know :P. Ahahha

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