Friday, September 4, 2009

Wall Decoration for Internationl Audit


Miss Joan approached last morning when I was in school and told me to choose one room. Of rooms A to F, I chose C. I didn't have any notion why she made me such decision-making thing but I was sure that time that it was for something big.

AND I was right!Miss told me right then and there that she entrusts me one room to decorate its wall. It was for an International visit. Some staff and administrators of Informatics Computer Institute of Singapore will be visiting the school next week. Since there are six classrooms in our school, there are only six trusted people who are assigned to decorated its walls. It was pretty hilarious that Miss Joan told me to decorate the walls of my room with the theme of Halloween. LOL. It was really crazy. But I actually altered before the day ended. My plan? It's do decorate my wall with phrases and sentences about trivias and facts about IT and Computers. Everyone actually didn't laughed at it and as a matter of fact, they agreed so well :))

Tomorrow, I'll be having my last day of TESDA Hardware Servicing Class. It will also be the day where we all will be starting to decorate our rooms. Oh yeah? I almost forgot, the Singaporean visitors will arrive on September 5 which means we only have one day a.k.a ONLY TOMORROW to work with the walls and the entire school preparation XD

Miss Joan told me to not fill the entire wall which is explained in the previous line. We only have hours to make it all. She suggested to turn it all into posters without second thoughts, I agreed. I made six designs and where all approved. Here are three of the six.

What do you think about my work?


  1. Amiable post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

  2. Thank you. Whatever your college assignment is, just remember to shower out your creativity to make it look attractive. God Speed!


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