Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sam Flies


Today perhaps is the day I feel so lonely as a prisoner in a cell.

The whole month of August is a no class month for us students of Informatics. Though it's no longer August, some informatics students pursue their 'delayed' summer vacation. Some extend their trips, continue their adventures and for some, they are about to begin their relaxation/ quality time. As for me, my vacation is about to end.

Classes resume in September 8,2009 and it's already September 4. I'm pretty excited despite the awareness that I'll be alone in school; not having Shahanah, Jen, Sam, and Jhaja. It's quite sad to say that they are all going for a vacation together. I'm excluded in the trips we've been planning. Reason? Well, I have one that's in two words that's acceptable: STUDY FIRST. I've been doing great in school but there is something inside me that's keep on telling me that I have to prioritize school before anything else.

Now is the time the guys will be leaving. First off, Sam. He left Cebu a while ago. 9:00 in the morning, he flew to Manila where the three of 'e; Shan and Jen will meet. Jhaja wont be going because she, I think will be going to her hometown, Zamboanga in Mindanao.

Hayst. How I wish I can deal with the loneliness that awaits me at school. I don't worry too much actually. I have so many friends in school. The only thing is, it's just different if it's Shan, Jen, Sam and Jhaja.

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