Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stains spreading on Clothes Solutions


I finished my laundry work a while ago and I'm really exhausted because of it. I have this plain pink shirt with some stain all over below its neckline. I had a problem a few hours ago on how to wash if all off since water does ot do all the erase-all-dirt & stuff like that on clothes.

I got furious knowing I wasted about almost two hours of thinking and trying over what will work with the stain to come off the clothing and honestly, I don't like it. It messed up my entire schedule for the day. I had to cancel my meet-up with my cousin Earvin for some business transactions; move over the time of my meeting with a certain organization of mine; pospone my dvd mode and have to sleep more late than the usual time I do which is 2"00 to 3:00 dawn.

I don't want mistakes to be done repeatedly and probably to you as well guys, especially to anyone who values time so much like me.

let's move on.

Upon my 'struggling' of washing off the stain sticking on my pink shirt, I actually reminisce about some lessons my HELE (Home Economics Livelihood and Education) Teacher way back when I was still a 5th grader about the different kinds of stains that stick badly on our good clothes and how to remove 'em all.

I hooked up with an idea on posting it in this blog of mine for you guys to not find it hard to deal with this stinking, irritating and dirty stains. I am dearly happy to say that I still have my notes I actually keep so many things for years; expecting them to be used in the near future [like now. lol]. Ehehe. I also have some illustrations and if you don't mind, don't bother commenting if it's negative. Ahahah. The old drawings of mine are meaningful and will surely help you understand the lines.

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  1. gals and guys, I apologize for the inconvenience pertaining to the file I attached which is about the solutions for the stains. I'll work with it, I swear.


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