Sunday, January 2, 2011

Watch TRON Legacy at IMAX and Win a Prize!

With crystal clear images, laser aligned digital sound, and costumized theater geometry, SM City Cebu invites moviegoers to watch 'Tron Legacy' at the IMAX Theater.

Want to watch 'TRON Legacy' but having second thoughts? Well, I've got one good reason for you to go for it! Now on its last two weeks of showing at the IMAX Theater of SM City Cebu, get the chance to bring home Razer Cult Philippines products after watching the movie!

Promo Mechanics
1. For every purchase of two (2) TRON Legacy IMAX tickets at any IMAX theater from December 25, 2010 to January 18, 2011, You will have the chance to play the pick-a-prize game.

2.Present your IMAX movie tickets to the ticket-seller and pick a stu from the fishbowl. You will automatically receive the corresponding prize indicated on the stub.

Just when you thought that Christmas has already ended, SM City Cebu continues to spice up the season for you and your family. What are you waiting for? Watch 'TRON Legacy' today!


  1. interesting ! :O i'm gonna invite my friends to watch Tron this week. :D but first, i haveta ask permission from my mom. :]] See ya!

  2. Hello there! I've already watched 'TRON Legacy' but I will be watching it again. It's a very good movie!

  3. Oy naa diay ka diri ga tambay? Naa ko diri, si Marian Rivera, Ely Buendia, Movie Reviews sa mga salida pareha aning Tron ug uban pang mga pokemon gatambay: Unta mag TAMBAYayong ta.a

    P.S. Nindot ang Tron?

  4. Yes, nindot kaayo! I highly recommend you have to watch it!


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