Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SM Funky Bowling

There's something new in bowling! And SM City Cebu has it! The best part? The Cebu Bloggers will get to try it first!

Excitement and fun will dominate at SM City Cebu - Bowling Center on January 14, Friday as it will have its very first Funky Bowling! 

Funky Bowling is a fun style of bowling. Bowlers are challenged to play differently as they will be given a card that would dictate how they are supposed to bowl for each frame.

Watch bloggers release heavy bowling balls blind-folded, squatting, sitting, and so much more!

Bloggers are to enjoy delicious food and are up to win prizes. This is bowling like no other. Everything is set. Cebu Bloggers, are you? See you there!


  1. havent tried sm bowling yet. but ill see in this event :)

  2. This is going to be a blast because when it's SM, it's the best!

  3. can't wait to funky bowl!


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