Saturday, January 1, 2011

15 Ways to Jumpstart Your 2011

It's January 2011! Hurray! Starts and ends are happening and for that, we should change! Time to apply our learnings from our endeavors that we have encountered last year and change for the better.

What is your plan for 2011? Don't give me a "Nothing.". Set goals and visions for the next 12 months! Time is so precious and the challenging thing is that, it flies so fast. For those of you who in one way or another can't think of what to do in the first month of 2011, I have something for you!

Pamper yourself, learn something new or just have fun with these 15 ways I recommend you to do to jumpstart your 2011. This is my personal list which I will be following starting this day and on.

  • Go Green - Shift to the green lifestyle by taking part of of any environmental project held in the community. Follow environmental actions like reducing, reusing, and recycling whether at home or in other places.
  • Get Physical - exercise everyday and have a balanced diet. Be a health-conscious person like no other but don't exaggerate things. Just be clean and neat.
  • Sporty You - treat yourself with serious sport activities. Whatever sport you've been fascinating since your childhood years, make it come to life. Play it with a good pal.
  • Start Savingopen a bank account or simply keep a piggy bank. Restrict yourself from opening it and be obliged to drop any amount of money in it everyday.
  • Serious Christian - attend prayer vigils and holistic events. Reconcile to those you have sinned and forgive the people you hurt. Pray the Rosary at times and don't skip Holy Masses.
  • Renew Yourselfget a new hairstyle, shave that bear, and remodel your room. Try to improve your physical looks. Make all things good and act positively. If you achieve it, don't forget to spread the good vibes to others ;)
  • Give Back - involve yourself in outreach programs. Be aware of the standing of your community and your fellow countrymen. Share your blessings.

"The more you share yourself to others, the more valuable your existence in the world will become."

  • Be a Model - show kindness at all times. Study hard. Outstand your co-workers. Any of the following will make you a good model wherein you will gain respect and honor. It will also turn you into an influential person.
  • Hook Up - we know you love your family and friends but saying it isn't enough. Show them that you truly love them all by going out together more frequent than last year. Pig out, play some sports, go on a vacation or simply call for small cooking parties and sleep-overs to have bonding moments with them.
  • Have some Recreation relieve your senses from the stresses you felt last year. Spend some quality time for yourself. Do what you want that will make you happy. Watching a movie, go bowling, or read a novel you like will do.
  • Like Versatility - develop a new skill by starting a new hobby different from your personality. If you love rock music and dislike love songs, try listening to love songs. Try appreciating it by memorizing its lyrics and sharing it to your friends. If you like eating, learn how to cook. Enroll yourself in short-term culinary classes.

"Music is the language of the soul."

  • Marry Music - be musically inclined. Sing if you love to. If you're not good at it, go to singing school or learn how to play a certain musical instrument. This will give you advantages during parties and special occassions. Aside from presenting it as a gift to your love-ones, you can open up teaching class wherein you can earn money.
  • Get Out of the Country - excite yourself with something different from your culture. Visit unique tourist spots, eat unusual dishes, do some rituals of foreign natives, or learn a new language. Of course, don't forget to photograph the moments and share it to the world through social networking sites.
  • Follow Something - it's really exciting to follow something that comes out rarely in a month or year. What I'm saying is, begin collecting stuff or get tuned up with some book or television series. This will make you feel contented if you achieve to own, read, or see your new collection.
  • Document Your Life start recording your daily actions. Make a simple scrapbook of your accomplishments. Use a planner or an unused notebook. You'll be surprised at the end of the year that you have done a lot and it's all like a wosh of the wind.

Now that the first decade of 2000 has ended, it would be best to begin 2011 with a bang of productive actions. Follow my list or make your own. It would be best to have a guide that will remind you time by time, your your main goal for the year. God speed!


  1. This is a nice list :D Happy New Year girl :D

  2. Thanks Mica! =) Happy New Year too!


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