Sunday, January 23, 2011

Philippines' First Group Buying Site is now in Cebu!

Did you ever wished that you could dine in fancy restaurants you see in tv commercials? How about availing those effective, yet expensive body treatments? Also, experience those unique recreational adventures you and your family want to try-out during certain occasions?

It is time to turn those frowns up side down. Your wishes will finally come true! All thanks to BUYanihan - The Best For Less is the first ever website where Filipinos can find the best deals and discounts offered by commercial establishments in the country. Products and services are offered at reduced prices for a limited period (1-7 days) and online consumers who want to get the items must sign up to commit to buy. Discount deals go live when the targeted number of buyers is reached during the time offer.

 Group buying adds excitement to the buyer’s experience because those who like the discount promo so much will have to pass on the information to their social network to make the deal successful. If not enough sign up for the offer, the deal will not push through. 

This concept of collective buying that started out in US, UK and some other countries in Asia is one of the exciting offers in the Philippines that best fit to travelers, shoppers, dinners, movie-goers and almost everybody who want to try out the best of the country. Initially,’s service covers only Metro Manila, but now it has expanded here in Cebu.

Who doesn't like discounts? At Buyanihan, you get the best experience at a lesser price. The website offers discounts ranging from 50 to 90 percent on goods and services that many Filipinos love to indulge in like eating out, shopping, sightseeing, taking holidays, spa treatments, among others. What are you waiting for? Time to check the site and see what they are offering this week ;)


  1. Here's an upcoming destination deals soon to be launched in Manila - - they have an ongoing contest on FB

  2. Hello Everyone.

    Visit us at:

    To celebrate the opening launch of “Catch the Deal”. We are giving away an Apple Ipad 2 and a trip for two to Boracay with accommodation included.
    All you have to do is “Like our Facebook Page” and “Register” on the website ( Its that easy and its free….

    We will be Launching in Manila and Cebu......

    Good Luck to Everyone.

    Thank you from the Catch the Deal team…


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