Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Month, New Beginnings

Today, we enter into a new chapter in our lives. New month, new stories. New friends, new happenings. September Month is finally here. It marks the start of counting down days to special monthly events because it's

the first of all the 'ber' months.

Annual highlights of the 'ber' months
September - International Strategic Thinking Month
October - Month of the Holy Rosary
November - Halloween
December - Christmas Day

September is one perfect time to make new things and apply changes in some certain stuff in our lives. And speaking of the words 'new' and 'change', I have made some of it in here.

As you have noticed (if you frequently visit here), I have placed a few new stuff in the blog. One is the advertisements. They may sometimes seem annoying, but it'll help me a lot so please adjust with its presence for the mean time. Second is the Donate Box. It's the perfect place where one can send their money to if they're having a hard time using it. Haha. Really, everyone knows what the box is for and is about. There are some other new boxes that I added. Some of which are the Recent Comments Box and the Popular Posts Box.

Just the other day, I made big alterations in the arrangement of the sidebar boxes as well as the layout of the page's footer. A few of the sidebar boxes are now transferred in the footer- it results to somehow, make the sidebar not so crowded with boxes. I think the arrangement looks better than before.

So there you have it, my new things and changes for the month. Expect more in the following days. How about you? Have you made new things and changes for this month? Do it now :)

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