Monday, September 13, 2010

Lapu-Lapu Island Hopping

"EVERYBODY settle your bags and luggages. The Ferry Boat is about to duck in the nearby port of Birhen sa Regla." the captain of the ferry boat announced to his passengers that signaled me and my family have finally arrived Lapu-Lapu City. It was already 8:00 in the morning when we got there. A 20 minute road trip followed from the Lapu-Lapu Sports Complex to Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort, after a solemn and short visit in the famous church of the place which was situated just across the port.

Passengers await for the ducking of the ferry boat

Excitement filled the air while we were riding the van. The vehicle was full of woes and wows from our speechless mouths because of the awesome views we have passed by. On our way to the beach not quite far from the sea, you can already feel the sour breeze of the air. You can see flocks of flying birds beautifying the mid air, making the sky look stupendous as it is not the usual view I see in our place. The presence of a herd of cows, a pump of ducks and a string of horse graced the green soothing grassland. It was like a taste of heaven in a wide field.

It was pouring that time. A few minutes after the long ride, we walked ourselves to Anemone Resort from Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort. We made a few preparations and check-ups of our things. Later on, we went to the nearby bay where our reserved boat was found. Three friendly men were present in the boat. One of them is the owner who led the directions while the other two were assistants in maneuvering the water transportation vehicle.

Moments later, the sky cleared up which was in very good in timing. We didn't wasted any time. My companions Uncle Tony with his wife Aunt Rose, Aunt Carol with his fiancé Uncle Svein and my young sibling Michelle hurriedly climbed up on the boat with the help of the three men and then we head off to our first destination: Hilutungan Island.

HILUTUNGAN Island is one of the islands in the Olango Reef which is protected by the government as fish sanctuary. This beautiful island is 20 to 30 minutes away from Mactan Island. This island is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving due to abundant corals and tropical fishes. Within 3 to 7 meters you can have fun in feeding the fish, these tropical fishes are friendly that you can feed them with bread and swim together with. During lowtide the opposite side of the island is bare at low between Olango Reef at knee below you can walk between 5 islands along the reef.
We didn't had the chance to set our foot on the soil of Hilutungan Island but from afar, you can already say that the island is one awesome place to visit. Its entrance was lined-up by tourists that even looked even more made interesting and persuasive to visit. The operators of our boat told us that it takes around 20 mintues to travel from one island to another and to be able to visit the planned islands of our trips, we should be going. Next stop was Sulpa Island.

Sulpa Island
It was already 11:30 in the morning and we have reached the island but before we enjoyed ourselves with the view, we took our lunch. For the very first time, I was able to take my lunch in the middle of the sea. Several times I made my morning and evening meals in cases of traveling but never did I experience having the noon meal while on a boat floating at the middle of the sea. That was a fine meal. It was all specially prepared by Aunt Rose. Below are pictures of some of the delicious food we ate.

While our aunts and uncles prepared the meal, Michelle and I hooked up with our cameras and began taking pictures for the nth time. A small boat drew near to ours with around four men who rode in it. According to the owner of the boat we rented, Sulpa island is known as a good diving site. Many rough coral sands and shell vendors are found there. Speaking of corals and shells, the unknown men jumped into our boat. One of them clasped a small basket with wonderful natural sea ornaments!

The men introduced themselves to us. They elaborated that they are sellers of shells, corals and other sea ornatments. Their products are all natural and are sold at a very high price. My relatives had second thoughts in buying but I strongly told them that we need no souvenir for that trip or ours. The men gladly welcomed us to the island, slowly walked down themselves back to their boat and headed on to the next tourist and / or people they could deal with to buy their products.

After all the dealing and chit-chat about some facts about shells and corals with the sellers, we continued eating our lunch. We shared some to the owner of the boat and to his assistants as well. We were all satisfied with the meal. It was really terrific! The vegetable salad was awesome!

Moments after we finished cleaning the table, it rained. It was 1:30pm and we have to move on even though the rain is getting harder and harder and so we did. The fun fact about that moment was that our boat had to go straight against the hard rain and wind. It was totally fun! It seemed like we didn't have any roof for the whole day because before we arrived in Olango Island, all of us were very wet as if we danced in the rain. We headed ourselves to the next island: Olango Island.

To be continued....

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