Friday, December 4, 2009

Make-Over: Friendster


Just about a while ago, I was happily reading newspapers over a cup of Frappucino in Starbucks 1 at SM City Cebu, with my co-Starbucks Patrons, one of them- good pal Sinjin spoke to me as he browsed his way in the cyber world through his fingers that were crawling and sliding on his laptop's mousepad / fingerpad. He was in a reaction that looked sort of nagging while showing me a grin.

Sinjin: "Hala bag.o na lagi ang friendster." He exclaimed.
"Ka igat pud ani'g itsura ui." He added.

(Whoa! Friendster has a new look!)
(It look so feminine.)

I chuckled and placed down the newspaper I held then hurriedly stood up as I said "Noh? Asa daw?" (Really? Let me see.) He maneuvered his loppy a little bit to the right and showed me a green-colored layout website.

I laughed and said
"Friendster na? Ngiga gud!" (Is that really friendster? It's so different XD)
and laughed again.
"Kuyawa ah!" (That's really way different).
I added in a joking manner.

Sinjin browsed a few pages of the newly updated Friendster Social Website and said:

Sinjin: "Mura na siya ug Facebook."
(It looks the same with Facebook)

Angeli [ME]: "Ahahah! Nice!" I smiled to his gray laptop.

Sinjin: "Laina uy. Pangbabay ang itsura"
(I don't appreaciate it. It's appearance looks too girly.)

Angeli [ME]: "O see? Ana bitaw ko nimo nga musikat pa na balik ang Friendster!"
(See? I told you Friendster will be famous once more!)
I explained happily.

Sinjin: "Maghimo lang gud balik"
(Signing up is easy as blogging :P)

I laughed and agreed to the nagging person [Peace out Sinj! Nyahaha! ]. I paced a few steps towards my seat and laid my back thinking of how awful Friendster's new theme look. Nyahhah! On the second thought, it's new set of features might impress me and overpower my negative notion about the look most especially in the main/ access page.


Here is a little glimpse of Friendster's new look. I won't be showing you the entire appearance of the website on the main page without the access box. I want you to see it for yourself :P

Friendster's new look seem to be that it's made for girl use. Aahhaha! It would be ironic if that's true. Let's see- an old co-ed social website undergoes a total make-over then turns into an online abode intentionally made for females? I don't think so XD

I have heard and known several fusses and grumbles against the new look of one of Asia's top ten famous and highly numbered users social networking websites in the internet this year. 20+ and counting :)) It's expected to hear more complains about Friendster's new look beginning tomorrow.

The logo looks too girly. Boys who'll be seeing this for the first time can possibly be discouraged in using his account again :)) Girls wouldn't want that to happen, for sure.

Look at my profile picture. Under it are text links. If you ever have a Multiply account, you're probably be doubting that the layout is familiar. Moreover, if you have a Facebook account, there will be no second thoughts in interrogating your mind if the center column of FS is familiar too.

Profile view still looks the same as of the previous look except that the website's menu bar is colored green, the logo still is two thumbs down and hhmm.. what more.. there are new menus! Introducing GIFTS and FUN Menu!

You can find a new box in your profile named Treasure Chest which I have no idea what's it about. Another new box too is named as Profile Progress. Ugh! What is this site? It's turning into a who-gains-too-many friends contest! I don't like that.

I love plurking. I don't mind about my Karma but seeing it raise feels good. However I don't do anything in purpose to lift the number up. If FS is going to pursue it's posting of such box, people will continue adding accounts they don't even have idea who owns it just to raise their number of friends without even bothering socializing for even a sentence or two. Oh! The irony!

Above is the view of the FRIENDS menu. Yes. Looks organized. Better than before. Larger profile pictures- good. Birthdays, Fan Profiles, Bookmarks and Featured Friends- all present except for one... AHA! Recently added friends if out in the list. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

GIFTS is the next menu as shown above. In this case, I like friendster. Bwaahahah! I like this section. I swear :)) but me liking this menu doesn't low down my negative ideas about the other pages.

But of course! Friendster doesn't want to be in the last place of the line! They have games too! If others have, then so they do too. Ahahah! Last but not the least, FUN menu. I like this section too. Aahha! Games, Blogs, Groups, Apps and many more are found here.

There are lots of new things to talk about the new things of Friendster and so far, we I've talked about the half of it. Ehehhe. You can change the color of your FS Menu bar, the received messages box looks so cute, the there is a new perk which is called Wallet (refer to picture above) and many more.

To top everything up, FS's new look is not in favor for most reviewers, however- it could change it they alter it's new logo design and the access page's appearance. I say, I'll stick to Facebook.

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