Thursday, December 10, 2009

Otaku Fest 2009

University of the Philippines - Cebu Campus in coordination with Higala Organization present Otaku Fest: The Third Wave this coming December 12,2009, Saturday at the UP Grounds.

The event is loaded Japan-oriented with fun activities including Original Character Design CompetitionCosplay Competition, DOTA Tournament, Digital Photography Competition, Singing Competition, and On the Spot Poster Making Contest. Bring along your family and friends and have a taste of Japanese affair!

The Otaku Fest is an annual convention for fans and hobbyists that began two years ago. Since then, It has gained attention from various institutions, organizations and individuals engaged in the entertainment industry, or just average hobbyists, gathering about 300-500 attendees each year.


9:00 – 10:00 am

- Registration;
- Opening of Booths
- Submission of OCD entrees (hardcopy)
- Parade around Lahug Area

10:00 am

- Singing Competition
- DoTA tournament
- On-The-Spot Poster Making Competition
- Photography Workshop c/o Joseph Ong

12:00 nn
- Lunch Break

1:00 pm

- Individual Cosplay Competition
- Indie Film Workshop c/o Cinebuano

2:30 pm

- Karl and Tram’s guitar duet
- Group Cosplay Competition
- Band: And Many More
- Band: Amplitude Grounds
- Band: Nichibunken

5:00 pm

- Awarding Ceremonies
- Band: Proton Candy> Band: Undercover Grasshoppers
- Band: Rescue A Hero
- Party

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