Monday, December 14, 2009

Starbucks Limited Edition Planner 2010

Cheers! I've finally claimed one Starbucks Limited Edition Planner. Yippeee! For that, I can now create a review of the inside of this unique writing material that is good to hold memories and helpful reminders of our daily approaches.

By the way, I'm quite happy because our broken digital camera is now fixed which means I can now probably take some pictures for my upcoming blog posts. Going back to the main topic, above is a picture taken by yours truly. It's my very own Starbucks Coffee Limited Edition Planner 2010.

So what's great about this thing? Many. I may not be able to cite everything about it but I hope everything you'll know from here will encourage you to purchase Starbucks beverages to have yourself an original copy of the Starbucks Planner for the year 2010.

The planner cover comes in four different designs which is has a slight-rough texture quite the same to that of a felt paper. The first thing you'll see after opening the specialized red box is the planner wrapped with a glassine paper. Once you uncover the planner, you'll see the the hard-bound writing material with the cover design (your pick among the four choices) and a the words "Starbucks Coffee" in gold color, Times New Roman font format, bulging, manifesting an idea of value and importance.

Unlike the usual planners we use to see and buy in bookstores and writing-related shops, the Starbucks planner 2010 has its writing area horizontal in form. I really like it. It makes the user/ owner of the planner write quickly, easily and more organized. Every end of a month is marked with two pages designed to showcase some information and pictures about the history, products, vision, costumers, charitable works, partners and more about Starbucks Company.

At the back part, you'll see a small pouch intended for leaflet and paper slips container. What's good about this is that this pouch isn't empty when you first see it. It holds some folds of freebies and discount coupons. It's really amazing. The planner has its bookmark a new look. It's in a form of a single coffee bean with the characters: STARBUCKS 2010 embossed. You could smell a bit of coffee aroma when you flip the pages altogether. I love it!

Am I successful in convincing you to avail the Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee Planner 2010? I hope I am. God Speed!

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