Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yo-Go Boy: Made for Kids. Loved by Adults

Yogurt is all over town. Stalls and stores are filling out the sides and centers of our favorite malls with them. With different colors and brand names dominating the city, who hasn't tasted one?

Yogurt is good. It's delicious, healthy and affordable- and oh yea, -easy to find. All yogurt in the world are the same except, usually, for it's taste. When talking about a yogurt's taste, it mainly talks about how delectable is the ultimate star of the snack- the cream. Creams come in different colors; white and pink to name a few.

With Yo-Go Boy, Yogurt Cream is fine. It's a bit sweet and a bit salty. Like other stores,  Yo-Go Boy offers various flavor toppings anyone could choose from. Every Yo-Go order can have a dressing of Choco Syrup and Strawberry Syrup. *slurp*


Yo-Go Boy is located at the lower-ground floor of SM City Cebu. It is quite small yet enough to welcome happy costumers. The place is very clean. The side walls are painted blue, the front walls are glasses with printed Yo-Go Logo, the materials and machines are arranged well but the seats are quite are only two.

Everytime you visit the yogurt store, a happy and approachable cashier  and caterer will serve you. It's one of the good things Yo-Go Boy has compared to other yogurt stores.

Yo-Go Boy frozen yogurt is a healthy dessert that both adults and kids love. Aside from being insanely satisfying, Yo-Go Boy helps boosts the immune system, and lowers bad cholesterol for a healthier lifestyle. Try it and surely you will love it :)

Oh yum! I really love the syrup! It's so sweet! The next time your taste-buds look for great really cold yogurt, head on to Yo-Go Boy.

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