Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hobby Convention 2010 : Imperia

High expectations and hopes were exceeded in Hobby Convention 2010: Imperia. Held last October 10, 2010, the event drove hundreds of hobbyists and cosplay fans at the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu.

CANE Events has marked history for Cebu's largest gathering of cosplayers this year. The event highlighted a fashion show extravaganza with models who ramped ballroom attires, cosplay competition that showcased the undying competitiveness of Cebuano youth, and exhibits that displayed an explosion of wonderful captures by Cebu's fine photographers and artists.

Song and dance performances were presented during the event that even more spiced up the day. The champion of the previous J-Pop Singing Competition; EXOR was present and eagerly sang to the audience.

Among others, Amplitude Grounds and De Chaos rendered beautiful instrumentals and anime-oriented music.

The crowed roared smashing applauses and cheers after each electrifying dance moves from USC CAFA Popjazz and the USC Kinesyx Popjazz. The dances were cartoon/anime-themed. Really nice!

Photographers, artists and models gathered in the site. Kids and kids-at-heart were there and several families too! The event started with a big bang and ended with a very big boom! Tons of snapshots were made by many at the Banana Booth section (twas really fun there).

Hobcon, ended at around 9:00 pm where there were still a couple of cosplayers in the building. The organizers and the Imperians (event crews) had a tough and tiring day but all paid off with the fun and excitement they felt.

Enlisted below is the complete set of winners of Hobby Convention 2010. Congratulations to all you of them!

Rayland Duarte as Queen Amidala
with his loyal assistants
Best Male Cosplayer: Rayland Duarte as Queen Amidala (Star Wars)

Best Female Cosplayer: Yuki Akai as Magician Valkyria (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Best Group Cosplayer: Unlimited Blade Works (Fate Stay Night)
Special Kiddo Cosplayer: Zoe Toong as Empress Tianzi (Code Gease)
Maki Akai as Saberm, Joebert Camofranca as Assassin, Ara Catubigan as Leysritt, Erica Gocuan as Rider, Misao Teves as Caster, Allan Villarias as Archer, Kierby Calderon as Lancer

Photographer's Favorite: Queen Amidala (Rayland Duarte)
Syke's Pick: Prince Jumong (Zenith Caintic)
Cane's Choice: (Maki Akai)

Young Designers Fashion Competition: Clieza Mayol
Best Artwork: Josef Benjamin Eugenio
Photowall Likes: Jhon Ryusuke L. Enguel and Sincero Espejon

Being one of the stage crew of the event, I want to congratulate CANE Events for another successful cosplay gathering. Big thanks to all those who came and actively participated the show. I wish to see you all next time in the upcoming cosplay events!


  1. great coverage!
    guy pala si queen amidala hehehe

  2. Yes! Very intimidating ang dating niya.


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