Friday, October 15, 2010

Leona Cakes & Pastries

Nobody has ever asked me which pastry house in the city is my favorite. Well, I don't need to be asked to tell you what it is. As for my close friends, they probably know. If you guess it's an ordinary bakeshop, think again. It's nothing else but Leona Cakes & Pastries.

Why Leona? In a word, delicious. Of course, there are several pastry houses you can find elsewhere selling delightful goodies but Leona's products are simply unique in taste and moreover, affordable.

One of Leona Cakes and Pastries branch is located at the second floor of SM City Cebu's The Northwing. The size of the store there is not enough for its numerous loyal costumers who always rush to purchase its goods. (that's what I always witness every time I visit the place)

A lot of racks dominate the area: two long racks placed at the center, around six plastered on the one wall and some by the counter- all holding containers full of pastries. If you're asking where are the cakes showcased, viola!

Leona Cakes are very delicious. All have their very own unique design that even at first look, you'll be mouth-watering. Unlike most cake shops, in Leona, you can purchase a cake by slice- suitable for those who crave for sweets but don't eat much.
Pastries are sold from a minimum price of Php 22.00. Yup! That affordable! When you go and have a quick snack in the place, you can also have some fascinating drink finds. Tea lovers, here's for all of you..
Not only tea, cold and warm beverages are present in the menu: softdrinks, coffee, blended drinks and hot choco to name a few. What more can you ask for to have an elegant, quick snack?

Simplicity is beauty, as they say and Leona Cakes and Pastries live that line when talking about their interior. There's nothing much to expect. The top counter's ceiling is graced with wood embraced by vines, leaves and colorful flowers- showing a fresh atmoshpere.

There are not much tables and chairs in the eating area. It's one of the down side of the place. Whenever I go to Leona, I have to wait for a few minutes to have a seat for a lot of  costumers fill the store time by time especially during holidays.

The chairs are comfy. It's brown in color paired with green fabric. Also in brown, the table size is enough for your stuff to be placed. I usually waste my time their (study/eat) and I haven't encountered space problems when it comes to the tables.

Another thing that's part of the down side of Leona is its cashiers and cake servers. They are all rude- seriously. They don't greet you. They don't smile at you and they talk too serious that negative vibes fall into you-I felt it! I personally don't like the people working there. But hey! It's not them that we're in the store, we're talking about the food so forget them! Ha!

If you're in SM City Cebu, don't miss the chance to drop buy and try some of Leona's cakes and pastries. Believe me! You'll love it!

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