Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Pay Less to Get More

Hey everyone! I have good news for you! Yesterday, had its soft opening to the netizens. This means that Cebu is up for great grabs and cool finds.

Allow me to elaborate more. is an online deal site which offers everyone the chance to enjoy upscale Cebu products and services at low costs.

The ultimate goal of Snag The City is to promote Cebu through selling its wonders to the public. It only features Cebuano-made/developed products and services. 

How does is work?
Using the website is very easy. All the buyer has to do is sign-up or sign-in (if he/she has already an account) and choose the deal he/she wants to avail. If a decision has been made, one has to click the 'Buy Now' button of the deal and fill-out the required information and the mode of payment. A electronic mail, then, will be sent to the buyer attaching a coupon which will serve as the pass to the product/service. Viola!

Looking for wise bargains? You now know what website to visit!
So far, the highest discount that the website has offered is 62%. Very big, right?

With the launching of the site, Cebuanos have no escape of indulging themselves in fancy restos, quality summer classes, unique recreation and so much more.

What's something people should look forward? Escapades and trips in the different tourist destinations of the Province of Cebu. Soon, you'll be touring Cebu's best without breaking the bank. started out with three friends who, as long as they can remember, find pleasure in selling and making deals in bazaars. The three pursued their dream and together opened up a dealing site. Thus, was born.

Got a business to promote through collective buying? You can contact the makers of through the contact page of the site or simply click here.

You need not to pay big to be fancy. Visit now!

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  1. Checked out the site you mentioned. Thanks for featuring this. It's a lot of help for deal seekers like me:)!


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