Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011 Winners

The winners of the previously concluded pageant nite of the first ever Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011 are as follows (in order of announcement):

Mr. Photogenic: Warrior no.5 
Mr. Congeniality: Warrior no.7 
Mr. New Placenta: Warrior no.13
Mr. Olive C: Warrior  no.9

Mr. Talima Beach Resort: Warrior  no.16
Mr. Perfect Eyesight: Warrior  no.9
Mr. Glutamin Body: Warrior  no.8

Shandar Face of the Night: Warrior  no.14
Jessie Glova Studio Choice Award: Warrior  no.14
Mr. Omra: Warrior  no.14
Mr. Skin 911: Warrior  no.9

Lapu-Lapu Challenge Award
3rd:  Warrior  no.11
2nd:  Warrior  no.10
1st:  Warrior  no.5

Best in Resort Wear: Warrior  no.9
Best in Costume: Warrior  no.14
Best in Barong Uponganon: Warrior  no.9
Best in Bahaghari: Warrior  no.14

Magic 5
Warrior  no.9
Warrior  no.10
Warrior  no.14
Warrior  no.13
 Warrior  no.16

Mr. Lapu-Lapu Runners-Up
4th: Warrior  no.16
3rd: Warrior  no.10
2nd: Warrior  no.13
1st: Warrior  no.9

Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011: Warrior  no.14

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  1. sayang di kami nakapunta dito hindi ko pa napuntahan ang lapulapu


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