Friday, February 4, 2011

A Food Blog Is Born!

I AM SO HAPPY because finally, I have settled things right to open up a food blog which I always wanted to do over the last two years. Big thanks to everyone who crossed I am thankful to have awesome readers like you who score me overwhelming numbers of views and flattering comments.

Usually, things are made through inspiration and for the opening of my newest blog, I want you all to know that you, dear readers, are my inspiration. You all motivate me to create a Food Blog. Introducing FOODIECRAFT.COM - Food, Eating and Everything in Between

I will not elaborate more on the site because of course, if you want to know about it more, all you have to do is click the link and do the reading in the new page.

I hope that you will support my food blog the same way you support Adventurouslei. Also, I wish that you'll find reading my posts in Foodie Craft as enjoying and informative as Adventurouslei. Let's talk about food! Follow now!

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